Download Minecraft Beta 1.0.1

Minecraft Beta 1.0.1 – The creepy version

This is one of the most terrifying versions of Minecraft known as the lost version or Beta version 1.0.1, where you will start in a world with a lot of fog and very little visibility. Of course, the distorted sound and terrifying screams will not be missing.

Download Minecraft Beta 1.0.1

Unlike other terrifying versions of Minecraft, such as Chaoscraft where animals are hostile, in Minecraft Beta 1.0.1 sheep, cows and other animals are peaceful.

creepy animals minecraft beta 1.0.1

Scary signs will appear at night, automatically generated and as if by magic become visible, with messages in a very intense red.

dont look behind you minecraft beta edition 1.0.1

Something very strange about this version is the terrifying music that you will hear at a certain moment of the game, which marks the time of death of the player.

steve dont lokk behind you minecraft beta edition

In addition to the signs that appear out of nowhere, if you encounter a black-eyed Steve do not attack him as you will die immediately and after a few seconds, the screen will turn white and the game will not respond.

If you die because of attacking Steve and the game closes when you try to open it again, a scary message will be waiting for you on a notepad.

message txt minecraft beta 1.10.1

As you progress through the game and every time you lose, players of this version report that new messages pop up such as “GO TO SLEEP 666” among other scary messages.

Download Beta 1.0.1

If you are brave enough, you can download it by clicking on the following button:

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