Download Minecraft b1.7.1_999

Minecraft b1.7.1_999 Download

This version has very strange blocks, actually all the textures in this version are modified to be scarier, even the trees.

However this version is not as scary as other similar versions UNKNOW or Error422 plus what kind of creepy version would make you start with a FULL DIAMOND as this version does.

Everything else is similar to previous Alpha versions, thick fog and poor vision. If you want to download this version here is the download button.

Here are more scary and lost versions of Minecraft where you will encounter corrupted worlds and evil entities.

Huggy Wuggy,Giant Alex, Far Lands and Seeds with all biomes

If playing Error 422, you should also try to find the Giant Alex, through a cursed seed, the following article:

Download Poppy Playtime map for Minecraft and escape from Huggy Wuggy:

Download Xray Ultimate 1.17.This texture pack will allow you to find all the minerals that exist in the game, with an impressive ease because it makes invisible all the blocks except for the blocks with minerals:

You may also find it interesting how to get to the end of the map in Minecraft and what lies beyond the far lands:

If you want a very rare seed, where you will emerge on an island surrounded by absolutely all biomes you should check the following seed:



Download Minecraft 6.6.6

Download Bluebrine or Minecraft Alpha version 1.2.6_02

In version 1.2.6_02 of Minecraft, Minecraft players are told that the creature Bluebrine appears:

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