Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.4 (Herobrine )

Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.4 (Herobrine)

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.4, the only version, where you will actually find Herobrine, the creature that was planned to be added to Minecraft in the 2010 version, but was never released, until it was leaked on the internet.

Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.4 (Herobrine)

You will find several curious things in this version of Minecraft, such as trees without leaves and stone blocks with floating sand, in the shape of a pyramid. These are signs that Herobrine was in that place.

Para encontrar  a Herobrine en esta versión debes esperarlo en un lugar fijo, y en un terreno plano.

To find Herobrine in this version the following requirements must be met:

  • Wait for the Night. Herobrine will only appear at night.
  • You must be on flat ground, the place he appears is always flat.
  • Your house and surroundings must be illuminated by torches.
  • You must be near the pyramids of stone and sand.


Remember that in these versions you have no bed and the tools are very weak, with little durability.

Download  Alpha 1.2.4

The file is compressed, so you must decompress it with winrar and then execute it with double click.This is not an official Mojang version, it is made by fans.

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