Download Minecraft ERROR 137 or Alpha 1.2.3_06

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 or ERROR 137

In this article you will be able to download the Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 version or also known as ERROR 137. We will also tell you what is the Alpha 1.2.3_06 version and what you will find in this version.

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 or error 137

It is said that the Alpha 1.2.3_06 version is the primary version that evolved making its programming code grow and corrupting the creature that lived there, until it became ERROR 437 one of the cursed versions of Minecraft as well as the version Error 422.

error 137 minecraft

This is the creature known as Error 137, which will change your entire world including your avatar as if it corrupted your entire world. Of course it is not a peaceful entity, it will attack you as soon as it appears.

 evolution error 437 minecraft

This version keeps the textures of the first alpha versions of Minecraft but surrounded by stone crosses everywhere. In these crosses you will find signs that will warn you about the creature known as Error 137.

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06

Before you play it we warn you to stay near water or have a bucket of water in your inventory as you will catch fire without warning, a phenomenon known as spontaneous combustion that will remove all your hearts if you are not fast enough.

Even the moon is very strange in this version and you will notice it when night falls, just take a look at this:

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 moon error 137

The face on on the moon is Masami Hisamoto, a Japanese comedian. Her promotional videos for Sōka gakkai were made into creepy meme videos in late 2000s. memes and videos of her are widely known on Japanese and Chinese Internet.

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This version does not allow the game in multiplayer mode so you can only create your world and play it alone, which makes it more terrifying.

Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 or error 137

We provide in the following buttons, three links to download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 or Error 137 in case you can’t play with the first link try the second and the third one.

To play this version of Minecraft requires 64 bit Java to run. After downloading the file start it by double clicking on the 64-bit Java jar file.

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