Does warden drop a legendary?

As we’ve stated in some of our previous Borderlands 3 guides, the main bosses will usually drop a totally unique legendary weapon or item. At the time, we didn’t know exactly how many legendary weapons these bosses could carry, but thanks to a lot of repetition (and community help) we were able to compile a list of all the legendary weapons every big boss fight can drop .

We’re focusing on legendary weapons here, because bosses seem to drop tons of weapons, and sometimes they’ll even drop unique lower-level items. Sometimes those guns are great, but they’re the legendary weapons we’re all hungry for. There are tons of legendary guns floating around, and many of the unique ones can appear anywhere, even from the lowest ammo container. These guns? They will only drop from the boss in particular and there aren’t as many of them as you might think.


How to Farm for Legendary Loot

As you play through the story missions and side quests, make sure you find all the hidden lucky dice in the game. Will help with farming for legendaries.

So far, the best way to get more gear and legendary gear is to play and win Chaos Chamber levels. The Chaos Chamber is only unlocked after completing the story campaign, which should take you around 20 hours or less. At the end of a Chaos Chamber stage, you’ll come to a room with a large chest in the middle and a bunch of bunny statues. You can cash in your crystals that you’ve won in the Chaos Chamber stages to churn out specific weapons and gear from the bunny statues.

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Side Quest Bosses

The next list of bosses and their dedicated weapons can be referred to as side quest bosses or mini bosses. These are bosses (in most cases) that spawn after completing the associated side mission. Some of these can also be killed by activating the bounty board. Once the boss is unlocked, you will be able to farm it like any other boss in BL3. Without further ado, we have the next set of bosses and their most accurate dedicated Legendary drops for you.

What do the Guardians drop?

But what exactly do the Wardens leave behind? Other than a small amount of experience, players will receive nothing but Sculk Catalyst from Wardens. It is an item that is used to create a patch of Sculk with Sculk Veins if a mob dies within eight blocks of it.

That said, Wardens were not created to be killed or hunted. They are incredibly strong and should be avoided when exploring ancient cities. The real valuable loot you can find in these places comes from chests.

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