Does the warden drop diamonds?

Alongside Wither, Elder Guardian and Ender Dragon, and all their boss level power, the other most powerful boss in Minecraft lore is a creature called Warden. The Guardian is found in an underground area called Deep Dark and Deep Dark Cities.

The crowd is completely blind, the first of its kind, and navigates by smell and vibration. That said, where can you find this mob in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2?

How to defeat The Warden

The Warden is a blind mob, and if he plays well you can use that to your advantage. While looting an ancient city, you will come across a block called a sculk shrieker. After activating these four times, The Warden will materialize, crawling out of the ground around you.

The Keeper hunts with vibration and smell. He is also a passive target, until someone counters him enough to hunt him down. If you want to avoid a summoned Warden, keep in mind that he can’t hear you sneaking around (he can smell you if you’re too close, though), fire a projectile, or stand still. After sixty seconds of no threat, the Warden will return to the depths until he is summoned again.

Minecraft 1.19 Best level for diamonds

Before the Caves and Cliffs update, diamonds spawned from Y=16 to Y=0 and the best level to get diamonds was Y=11 -12. After the world’s minimum depth dropped below zero, the generation of all underground resources changed. Diamonds started spawning between Y levels 15 and -63. At the same time, level Y=-59 has become the best level for diamond mining.

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Recommended Equipment

With how strong a Warden’s single hit is and how much health he has, the recommended l equipment will be the best you can find. The strongest armor and enchanted weapons that hit the hardest.

Netherite armor and enchantment swords will be an absolute must. The higher the Enchantment level, the better.

Operation of the Sculk Shrieker:

  1. The Sculk Shrieker has a spherical reach and expands in all directions. Find or detect players within a 16 block radius and if it is in the dark effect detect players within a 40 block radius.
  2. If you activate the Skull Shrieker twice, it will give you a warning, but if you activate it a third time, it will spawn a Warden in Minecraft.
  3. All sculk shriekers have 10 seconds to cool down, which means that if you activate the sculk shrieker and within 10 seconds you activate it again, the count is not counted.
  4. If players move out of range of the howler before he finishes yelling, he doesn’t spawn the guardian in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, you can crouch or sneak into the deep dark biome to avoid guardians. If you’re sneaking into a deep, dark biome, it doesn’t cause vibrations. While you have to watch out for theft sensors, they are hidden traps in the dark biome. If you walk on the sensors, they also give a warning signal to the egg keeper in Minecraft.

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