Does Minecraft increase IQ?

Good news for James Cameron and fans of the giant blue cat: The Way of Water, the sequel to Avatar, grossed more than $1.7 billion and counting, paving the way for those three additional sequels that the director had it planned. For Cameron, it’s a sign that people have had “enough already with streaming!” But… do they have it?

4 in Row Mania

This strategy game is brought to you by Unlimited Gamez Mo, an online gaming platform that provides access to a wide variety of games with a minimal subscription fee.

In this multiplayer game, you simply have to be the first to connect four balls of the same color together in a vertical row. You have to plan your moves in advance and also keep in mind the consequences of each move.

Are there any video games that children should play or avoid?

When it comes to video games, there is no overarching category that can be labeled ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for your kids. You can build worlds in ‘Minecraft’, drive cars in ‘Mario Kart’ or shoot to other players in “Overwatch”. You can play alone or connect with others online.

“There are so many types of games that it’s really hard to tell which games are good or bad for kids,” says Katie Davis, director of the Digital Youth Lab at the University of Washington and author of the forthcoming book “Technology’s Child: The Role of Digital Media Across Ages and Growth Stages.

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Does Minecraft make you smarter?

Although there are no studies to confirm the increase in IQ level of children playing Minecraft. But with the amount of exploration, freehand, and decision making that the world of Minecraft has to offer, this fun adventure is sure to make you smarter and more creative. There are many factors involved in playing that can contribute to making your child smart, but here are the most plausible benefits of playing Minecraft:

Minecraft is an open-world game famous for the immense possibilities to build almost anything you your child can imagine. With 400 unique items and 926.1 quadrillion blocks per map, Minecraft offers unprecedented opportunities and unlimited creativity to recreate imaginary or real-world architecture or invent something entirely new.

Game Choice IQ Scores: Rainbow Six Siege takes first place

The survey also ranked 15 popular games based on the IQ score of their users. The winning game was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: its players had an average IQ score of 120.3. They were followed closely by players of Among Us (IQ of 118.9) and Minecraft (116.3). In the last beat were Sage Candy Crush (IQ of 96.4) and Angry Birds (95.8).

In between, in descending order, were: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (average IQ of 111.2), EA Sports FIFA (106.5), Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (105.8 ), Animal Crossing (104.8), Fortnite (103.6), Mariokart (99.9), Grand Theft Auto (99.6), Assassin’s Creed (99.6) and Rocket League (99.3).

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