Does an iron golem have 50 hearts?



Zombified Piglins

Zombified Piglins are one of the denizens of Minecraft’s underworld, and while they’re not the biggest problem you’ll face (considering they only have 10 hearts), we’re certainly very more difficult than one might expect. These guys are mostly ranked lower since they are technically neutral and won’t attack players if left to their own devices.

However, if you attack them, which would be a big mistake, they will become one of the biggest problems you may encounter in the Nether. They reward players with good gold, but the possibility of facing a horde of them is really something you’ll want to avoid. However, it’s best to be on your guard just in case, since hitting them by accident can happen to the best of us.

Common problems when spawning an Iron Golem

For your Iron Golem to come to life, the immediate area around it must be completely clear of blocks. Even small blocks that you can pass through will prevent your Iron Golem from spawning. Grass, flowers, and everything else will get in your way, so make sure you clear them out.

Also, make sure that the space around the golem’s head is also free of interfering blocks. Despite being made of metal, Iron Golems can still suffocate. Therefore, if they come to life and their head gets stuck in a block, they will continuously lose health until you free them or they will die.

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The second method of getting a saddle is to fish. However, saddles are treasured by fishing, making them rare. If you have Luck of the Sea III on your fishing rod, you have an almost two percent chance of catching a saddle every time you successfully reel in an item. If you don’t have the Luck of the Sea spell on your fishing rod, your chances drop to less than one percent.

The third method is to trade with a master level leatherworker villager. Depending on whether you’re playing on Java or Bedrock Edition, your chances of finding a saddle using this method will differ. If you play Minecraft Java Edition, you can trade six emeralds for a saddle with a master-level leatherworker villager. If you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there is only a 50% chance that the villager will offer this trade.

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