Does a fortune axe work on bookshelves?

Silk Touch is one of the best ax enchantments in Minecraft. Building things in survival mode mostly involves using Silk Touch. It allows players to mine blocks without changing them to another shape.

Silk Touch on the ax is great for picking up mushroom blocks and shelves. This wouldn’t work with Fortune on the axe. However, using the Silk Touch spell on axes can be a real waste of your precious resources.


Shelf placement

With only one enchantment table in place, the enchantment levels you can receive will be low. To raise levels, Shelves must be placed around the Table of Enchantments, with 1 block of air space between them.

For max level enchantments (level 30), 15 shelves around the enchantment table will be needed. Without a Library, the maximum level required by a Spell is 8.


  • Since luck does not help in any way when mining normal stone blocks, consider the efficient use of another pickaxe and indestructible to mine the stone and then switch to the lucky pickaxe for diamonds, redstone, gold, iron, coal, emeralds, quartz and lapis lazuli only.
  • Luck cannot be applied to any equipment that already has a touch of silk. You’ll have to decide if you want one or the other as you can’t have both!
  • For more information about Fortune, check out this YouTube video.

What does luck on an ax in Minecraft?

Although luck can be applied to axes, many players wonder what the real edge is in it. “What does luck actually do on an ax in Minecraft?”. To answer that question, there is definitely a use of luck in Minecraft!

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Using this spell on the ax will no longer grant you more wood, but you will gain some extra benefits. An ax is a common item that players usually carry along when exploring. Using luck on an ax will help you gather more items, such as seeds and saplings.

Trees and Saplings

The quick answer is that the Luck spell does NOT increase the number of wooden block drops when enchanted on an ax and used to chop down trees.

However, having the Luck spell on your axes in Minecraft is a great way to collect more sapling drops from tree leaves and sticks. This is important when looking for Jungle Saplings that have the lowest chance of dropping at 2.5% without any Luck upgrades.

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