Does 1 villager count as a village?

This guide will mention steps you can take to increase their chances of reproducing. It is worth understanding that any kind of change has an effect on the availability of villagers. Therefore, don’t try to change many variables. That said, here’s what you should try:

The villager’s mood is extremely dependent on the availability factor. Make sure they are not in an angry mood. Villagers tend to get angry whenever you destroy their beds or workstations. Therefore, give them a reason to be happy. Just make new homes for them to stay in and let them do their thing.

How to raise villagers

The first thing you need to know about raising villagers is that there is a soft limit to how many little villagers they can make, which is based on how many beds there are in the village. To put it simply, there must be an open bed in the village/area where you plan to raise them. An open bed must be accessible by villagers to be valid, this means that there must be open blocks above the bed for them to access. Filling an open room with a bunch of beds can satisfy this condition as long as you can walk to each one. Once there are no more open beds, they will no longer be willing to reproduce.

Once the village area is ready with beds, you will need to make sure that the villagers in question have food in their inventories. They must have 3 pieces of bread, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes or 12 beets to meet this condition. Once that’s done, the next step is sadly completely luck-based. Once all conditions are met, the villagers will randomly enter breeding mode after some time has elapsed and produce some babies. This will also use up any food they had, so they’ll need more if you want them to continue breeding.

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Tradeable reputation

Your reputation will vary depending on the village you visit. It changes in every single Minecraft village. They range from a whopping -30 all the way up to +30. You will start the game at 0. To increase your reputation you can trade with the villagers and improve yourself by improving their professional skills.

Now, don’t go and do anything that will make your fellow villagers look negatively because, as with an increase in reputation, it will also decrease. Your reputation is at risk of diminishing if you start attacking villagers and their offspring.

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