Do revived villagers Despawn?

Minecraft can be a confusing place to wander. When the sun goes down, the night terror begins. Many Minecraft players wonder if the villagers especially disappear at a certain distance. Or do they just die or disappear?

It’s this kind of mystery that keeps players coming back to explore Minecraft. In this blog, we will help you find out if the villagers disappear in Minecraft.

There are similar stories about the last few years.

This isn’t the first time in a while that similar stories have surfaced from Minecraft players. There are some from years ago, where there are also complaints about the disappearance of animals and other elements of the game.


Villagers disappear without beds?

Beds are one of the necessities of Minecraft villagers. You will provide a separate bed for your villagers to prevent them from disappearing.

Here I will mention one thing again. A bed is not mandatory or everything for your villager to stay in your house. You can use a bed to prevent your villager from disappearing in your game. If you don’t provide your villager with a bed, the villager will not spawn. You will lose your villager one way or another. So the bed is one of those things that will help you prevent your villager from disappearing.

Do zombie villagers disappear in Minecraft?

If you’re interested in experimenting with or healing zombie villagers back to normal and working for you as a profession of choice, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there’s an issue that may prevent you from doing so. This problem is the fact that these zombie villagers can disappear due to several different reasons. Even if you go to the trouble of capturing one of these zombie villagers and ultimately decide to experiment on them, they will eventually disappear.

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One of the main causes behind this is going too far. Enemies tend to disappear when you run too far away from them and revisit their previously known location. This can also happen with the zombie villager you have captured. Another reason is closing the game and finding out that the villager you captured is no longer there even though you saved it. This is very frustrating as the zombie villagers are quite difficult to capture, but we are here to help you find some ways to make sure that the zombie villagers never disappear.

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