Do iron golems defend you?

Iron golems are normally peaceful and even friendly mobs, but make no mistake, they will defend the villagers and their creators. Their attacks deal a lot of damage, making them fearsome opponents. You also don’t need rare ingredients to bring them to life, as iron and pumpkins are everywhere.

How many iron golems have you created for your base? What do you use iron golems for? Let us know in the comments section below.Golems  are excellent defense allies, but they are capable of occupying enemies and eliminating good name .

What are iron golems and what do they do?

Iron golems are a great way to protect the inhabitants of Minecraft and your base. You will often find them roaming and patrolling villages. They are known to attack any hostile creature as soon as they see them.

Iron golems roam villages as if on patrol, staying close to buildings and other structures. Like villagers, iron golems do not stray far from a village, regardless of how they were born, but are sometimes found on the edge of the village.

Why is my snow golem looking down?

Most iron golems look down and frown for lack of food, having a pet iron golem is difficult. Ever since he’s seen a zombie devour a villager and a creeper blow up a family, he’s never been the same. Maybe you need to add more villagers to the area or something or give them a rose (if you can still do that).

As they move, they leave a trail of snow on the ground if the blocks can support it. They only produce snow in biomes with a temperature below 0.81, which includes cold, snow, and some medium biomes (including the End).

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