Do I have a Minecraft addiction?


How do I know if I’m addicted to Minecraft?

Many children and teenagers love to play video games. It’s a common hobby that many people have a positive experience with. And it’s important to remember that gambling addiction only affects a small percentage of people.

But it’s still a concern. If you think you may be addicted, there are warning signs you can look out for. If you’re avoiding other areas of your life to play Minecraft, it could be a sign of addiction. For example, if you’re avoiding spending time with friends and family or doing homework.

The Minecraft Community

The Minecraft community extends far beyond the in-game game. It’s also a very popular game to watch. So while your child may not play Minecraft, they are likely to watch others play on YouTube or Twitch. They are constantly trying to learn new skills to improve their game when they get back to playing.

Another reason kids can’t stop playing Minecraft is because of their friends or people they’ve met online. Just like in a social situation, they feel pressured by their peers to get online and play games so they don’t miss out. Again, as there is no specific round or level they have to clear at a specific time, the lack of limits is a challenge for kids to know when to stop or they feel envious of their friends who can continue playing when they need to stop. Peer pressure can play a big part in why you might wonder if your child is addicted to Minecraft.

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They have developed extensive and creative alternatives to technology.

Once the fast was complete, Marc and Kate wanted to make the permanent ban on online gaming at home more tolerable and help Dillon accept the change without lasting bitterness. It’s easier to say “No” when you have a bigger “Yes” centered on the vitality of true 3D life and God’s purposes for your child. In an effort to support their son, Marc and Kate did the following:

  • Gave Dillon time to transfer his empire to someone else
  • he Made a continuous effort to be available for the fun family activities they developed during their fast family technology
  • Helped him pursue a faith-based competitive card game, sometimes playing with him and other times traveling so he could play tournaments
  • I got him a fun mini pool table
  • Minimized how much they monitored his other activities or activities at other people’s homes. Kate added, “And we prayed a lot!”
  • I planned to get a puppy. When the screen changes were first implemented, this was the only other thing he really cared about. Dillon knew they would never have done it otherwise, and the eventual arrival of an adorable little golden retriever helped him significantly as he focused on the challenge of training his new puppy
  • he Supported his involvement in an outdoor Bible camp for boys. Dillon probably never would have decided to volunteer there if he knew he could be at home fighting people in Minecraft and building his own empire. Camp was a fantastic growth experience that he chose for the next three summers as he grew into a young man with a desire to bless others with his life
  • Generally encouraged more three-dimensional creativity. Like this NASA engineer who found a creative way to keep squirrels off his bird feeders
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