Do diamonds spawn in lava?

  • Diamonds are found near the lava lakes under Y 16. (press F3)
  • Mine in deep caves and mountains.
  • Use an enchanted diamond pickaxe for mining to increase the chances of finding it. (It’s my experience and guess)
  • On the side of each lava lake and under it, you will get at least 10 diamonds, so mine systematically and carefully.

At what level do diamonds spawn in Minecraft?

Diamonds are not that easy to find in Minecraft. You might die if you dig the wrong way, but when you know where to dig, things get a lot better. Diamonds can be found in levels below 16, but that’s not where all the good stuff is. A 3 by 1 tunnel can be run on levels 11 and 12 for maximum returns. You might actually find diamonds from levels 5-12, but the best levels for both safe mining and bountiful harvests are between levels 11 and 12. At this level, you don’t have to worry much about falling into lava, not because you don’t there are lava pools around but since you already know you are very likely to encounter them and you are mentally and physically armed to counter them.

When you get to level 11 or 12, it is advisable to remove mine as both levels have been recorded to have the highest yield of diamonds although they are also dangerous levels where you can also easily find lava pools. To be on the safer side, make sure you enter the cave or mine for necessary items along the way that can help counter the lava like the water bucket.

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