Do axolotls fight mobs?

Axolotls cannot be tamed in the traditional sense by players. They are not, however, hostile towards the protagonist. A bucket and a pond or lake can be used to put them back home. However, axolotls can also be attached to a leash, but will die within five minutes if not in the water. To avoid this, you’ll have to wait for the weather to turn bad.

Axolotls in Minecraft come in a variety of colors. Lucy (pink), Wild (brown), Gold, Cyan and Blue are all examples. In terms of rarity, the blue one is less likely to reproduce naturally or through artificial insemination.


Now that you know how to raise axolotls in Minecraft, will you be lucky enough to get the extremely rare blue axolotl? If this happens, post it on the Minecraft forum.

How to feed and raise Axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotls eat buckets of tropical fish. When fed to this item, they will go into breeding mode. Their breeding system works like other mobs in Minecraft, and getting an army of Axolotls after raising a pair is relatively easy. Buckets of fish are also easy to obtain, so you won’t find yourself struggling to get food.

It will take about 20 minutes in the real world for a small axolotl to become an adult. You can also only raise adult axolotls every five minutes, but by the time you’ve had a few babies, that probably won’t be a big deal.

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Tame and Collect Axolotl

Axolotls aren’t really tamed the traditional way, instead you can get them by taking a bucket of water and using it on an Axolotl. This will place it in the bucket and allow you to carry it wherever you want. This could be in an aquarium you have set up at your base or in a small lake of some sort nearby.

If you find yourself wanting to take over an oceanic monument, you know that the Guardians hiding there are pretty tough. Well, if you are looking for help, you can collect a mess of Axolotls to help you storm these mobs. The Axolotl will help you fight any creature that attacks you or gets too close to you. They collide with the crowd and will distract them for you while you deal some damage. If the Axolotl takes a hit, it plays dead and can regenerate its health. There will also be some mechanics you can learn that will allow the Axolotl to heal you too!

Building aquariums

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Players can build their own aquariums by using buckets and releasing Axolotls into the tank. This can be a relaxing pastime for the player and can also be used to breed and obtain the very rare blue colored Axolotls.

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