Do arrows hurt the warden?

If you know how to summon the Keeper, you also know how to avoid him. It is usually suggested that the Warden is better avoided than summoned, because fighting him requires a lot of skill and if you are unprepared you are sure to die.

The Warden only appears in one place. You will need to find the Ancient City first if you wish to try to fight one.

Avoiding the Warden’s Ranged Attack

To avoid the Warden’s new sonic attack, you must first understand how this new ranged attack works. According to Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w15a, building high, hiding behind walls, or being out of range of the Warden’s powerful melee attack will cause mobs to switch to their long-range sonic attack that can penetrate walls. The attack can be recognized once the Warden opens the ribcage to emit a sonic beam that deals an amount of damage equal to that of melee. Even with full Netherite armor, the Warden’s attack can take out the player in two hits.

Also, when the Warden sniffs, he can now sniff you from a greater distance. Guardians enrage at a target while sniffing at a vertical distance of 20 blocks, which was previously six blocks, and a ground distance of 15 blocks. A couple of bugs related to Warden have been fixed, resulting in him no longer disappearing when he’s away and forgets a target he just roared at. Also, you can no longer push the Warden when he is surfacing or digging.

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Minecraft The Wild Update: How to Distract the Guardian

When the Guardian emerges from the ground, it doesn’t start attacking the player instantly. Players still have the option to escape from the Keeper. But be careful, as any sound will cause the Keeper to detect your presence.

While the Warden locates enemies using sounds, players can use projectiles to create vibrations away from their location. In this way the Guardian will move towards the sound source. Meanwhile, players will have to constantly sneak away from the Keeper to avoid making footsteps.

Tactic 4 to defeat the Guardian: Crush Trap

This method is based on risk and reward. The risk is great, but the reward is that you can trap the Keeper, then go make a cup of tea or grab a drink while your trap does all the work for you.

Background information 

  • He is blind. Therefore, it cannot see and detect you. Instead, he relies on his scent powers to find you. Furthermore, he can also detect vibrations.
  • The Keeper can smell enemies from a distance of 20 blocks!
  • he Can climb single blocks without breaking them.
  • he He can detect even the smallest vibrations! They make him angry and put him in angry mode!
  • The Warden cannot be trapped in lava or water. He is immune to damage caused by lava and drowning. Besides, he can also walk on and through them easily.
  • Darkness effect- 

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