Cannot find Minecraft 1.19 Optifine FIXED

Optifine Cannot find Minecraft 1.19 FIXED

Cannot find Minecraft 1.19 optifine error fixed

In this article we will show you how to fix the following Optifine errorCannot find Minecraft 1.19.1“.

This error prevents you from installing Optifine because your “JDK” or “Java File” is not working properly.

Steps to fix the Optifine error : Cannot find Minecraft 1.19.1

1-The first thing to do is to download Optifine. For your convenience you can access directly to the official Optifine page and download it from the following button:

Installing Optifine, Cannot find Minecraft 1.19

2- Then you should open the Minecraft Launcher program and inside you should click on Java Edition, in the menu you will see a tab called “Installations” which you should click on.

Installing Optifine, Cannot find Minecraft 1.19

Installations will display the various versions you have and all you need to do is click on the New installation button.

new instattion minecraft launcher

3- In the window that will open you must choose the version you want to install, which in our case will be the 1.19.1 and finally click on the Create button, which will create a new instance.

Installing Optifine, Cannot find Minecraft 1.19

4– Once the new instance is created, which in our case is called “Unnamed installation” you must click on the Play button, which will start installing Java and the JDK files.

play minecraft

5-Once you have installed Java and the JDK files, just go to the folder where you have downloaded OPTIFINE, open it and click on Install.

Cannot find Minecraft 1.19

In this case the error Cannot find Minecraft 1.19 will not appear on your screen and Optifine will be installed correctly so you should see the following messageOptiFine is successfully installed“.

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succesfully instaled optifine

Once the process is finished you will be able to play Minecraft normally with Optifine installed.

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