Can zombies break iron doors?

No, the villagers cannot open the iron gates. The iron gates prove to be a great way to contain zombie villagers and turn them into normal villagers with work. These zombies are created when a zombie bites a villager or with natural spawning.

To make an iron gate, players need an iron ingot. 6 Iron Ingots are required to craft an Iron Gate. Collect iron ores and melt them down to create iron ingots. The other way to get an iron ingot is by searching the towns and temples. Chests are also a source of iron ingots. If all these methods don’t work, look for zombies, iron golems, and husks. Iron golems can give you three to five iron ingots after you kill them. Zombies have a very low chance of dropping an Iron Ingot.

How to open an iron gate using a button

You can use any block you want to create a button. Preferably, you will use something that is more difficult to destroy or damage on public servers. Please note that dueling is highly frowned upon in the gaming community, so do so at your own risk.

  1. Create a button.
  2. Place the button on a block adjacent to the door.
  3. Right-click the button when playing on PC or Mac.
  4. Press the LT button when playing on Xbox.
  5. Press the L2 button when playing on a PlayStation.
  6. Use the ZL button for Nintendo Switch or Wii U
  7. Tap the Pocket Edition Minecraft button
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How to avoid breaking your doors

There are several ways to avoid breaking your doors:

  • You can use an iron gate. As stated above, zombies can only break wooden doors, so you won’t have to worry if you use an iron one. If this is your way to go, you can refer to the article on Iron Gates that can only be opened by players.
  • You can place your doors one block higher than ground level. Zombies cannot break doors by attacking the bottom half.

Fence Gates

Fence gates are also a great option to use in place of gates. Even if they are not doors, zombies will not be able to break them. You can use them to contain villagers because villagers can’t open them either.

You can place the gravel on top of the door so that if the zombie breaks the door, the stone will fall blocking the way.

First skin with limited resources

For the first skin, you only need 3 additional Redstone, plus 2 iron gates and a crowbar.

On the side where you place the crowbar, break a corner block from the door frame and put Redstone dust there. Then on top of two blocks right above the iron gates place another 2 Redstone powders.

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