Can you use eggs to distract the warden?

If you now want to go on the quest to track down and kill the Warden, keep in mind that the Warden is extremely difficult to defeat, and since he does not drop any valuable loot, he is not worth fighting. Instead, you should try to avoid any encounters with him. Two warning signs will help you notice the presence of a Keeper in time, before you make a noise and attract him. First, all light sources start flashing when a Warden is nearby. So, if you suddenly notice a flicker of your torches underground, shut up! Additionally, the Warden has a distinct audible heartbeat. If you hear this, look around and try to spot the guardian to avoid him.

So far, we don’t know much more about the new Minecraft Warden Mob either. It is essentially a large underground monster that attacks and kills anything that makes noise. We hope you enjoy your escape from the Keeper!

Minecraft The Wild Update: How to Distract the Guardian

When the Guardian emerges from the ground, it doesn’t start attacking the player instantly. Players still have the option to escape from the Keeper. But be careful, as any sound will cause the Keeper to detect your presence.

While the Warden locates enemies using sounds, players can use projectiles to create vibrations away from their location. In this way the Guardian will move towards the sound source. Meanwhile, players will have to constantly sneak away from the Keeper to avoid making footsteps.

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What is a Warden in Minecraft

Warden is the only blind mob in Minecraft that hunts the player in the dark but don’t take it for granted, as they will come after you anyway the sound you are making.

Warden can only be found in the deep dark biome, so you have to dig deep until you reach level Y 0, where you will discover Deepslate, tuff blocks and a warden’s cabin.

Where to find the guardian in Minecraft

Finding the guardian in Minecraft is simple. To locate The Warden in Minecraft, you simply need to head to the new Deep Dark cave biomes, which were introduced in the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update. For those in the know, these biomes can easily be found below Y level 0. Other than that, players can also find Guardians in their cabins.

How to avoid or manage guardians in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can crouch or sneak into the deep dark biome to avoid guardians. If you’re sneaking into a deep, dark biome, it doesn’t cause vibrations. While you have to watch out for theft sensors, they are hidden traps in the dark biome. If you walk on the sensors, they also give a warning signal to the egg keeper in Minecraft.

If the guardian in Minecraft finds a player and the player wants a quick trick to save, then the good trick will run as fast as a player to the nearest light source.

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