Can you use dripstone to get infinite lava?

Welcome to Minecraft, the undisputed champion of the gaming industry for the past decade. You are placed in a randomly generated world with nothing but your fists and your imagination. Explore a huge cave system, create a farm and live off the land or build complicated contraptions. If you can think it, you can do it. Minecraft is a game with seemingly endless possibilities, and this is just the vanilla version of the game.

How to create infinite lava in Minecraft

Before you can create infinite lava, you will need to find a couple of items. What you need is Pointed Dripstone, a bucket of lava, an iron cauldron, four blocks of cobblestone, and a block of smooth Blackstone. Once you get your hands on these, it’s time to make the infinite lava machine.

How to turn lava into a renewable resource in Minecraft

To create an infinite source of lava, you need to acquire Pointed Dripstone and a Cauldron. You can potentially buy it from a wandering trader or find it in Dripstone Caves. Whenever you meet him, pick him up and take him home.

To start, find a location where you want to place your Cauldron. Above must be your pointed Dripstone hanging from a non-flammable block. Make sure all blocks in the surrounding area don’t catch fire. Now place a lava source block on top of the block that the spiked Dripstone hangs from and insert it with other non-flammable blocks.

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Minecraft infinite lava

There is a trick that allows you to make water an infinite and renewable resource. This also worked for lava, but the nature of the block has changed. Lava is no longer a renewable resource. That said, given the new blocks introduced in recent Minecraft updates, there are ways to get infinite lava in Minecraft.

To get infinite lava in Minecraft you need the following;

/give @a minecraft:lava_bucket 64

You should now have a stack of lava buckets in your inventory. Simply repeat this command as needed, and you’ll have enough lava for any amount of melting.

Having an endless source of lava in a survival world is a big help, especially when you want to smelt a bunch of stone blocks for a big building project. Hopefully, with this tutorial, you’ll have your own infinite lava farm up and running in no time.

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