Can you turn a world into a server Bedrock?

Playing Minecraft with your friends is one of the best entertainment you can have, and in this article we will try to help you with that by showing you how you can create a server in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Be sure to follow closely for best results! Well, let’s get into it.

First, open your web browser and go to this page. At the bottom right of the webpage, find and click the “Play” button. This will take you to the login or registration page. Create an account and continue. You will now be redirected to the Server page. Click the option to create a new server. Now you can customize every little setting of your brand new server. Don’t worry, you can change them at any time from the options tab. Once your server is created, click and click Start to enter a queue of servers waiting to be activated. Normally it should only take a few minutes to start the server, but it can vary depending on your Wi-Fi connection. The best part about using Aternos is that you can actually import a world into the server. If you already have a decorated world that you used to use with your friends, you can bring it to your server to use it again. Additionally, you can ban players, whitelist them, or OP your best friends. In the Access tab, you can allow another Aternos user to have access to the server’s main settings, in case you need help running the server.

Paid hosting is quite different from a locally hosted server and will cost more depending on how much RAM you require and the host you choose to purchase from (we recommend Shockbytes). In return you save yourself the headaches of setting things up, and if you run into any issues, a support team should be able to help you out.

When purchasing, make sure you are purchasing a Bedrock Edition Server, not a Java Edition Server!


Image via Nethergames

  • IP address:
  • Port: 19132

On Ubuntu:

Each Linux distribution includes its own “terminal” software for running custom commands. First, make sure your machine is running Ubuntu 18 or later. Then run the following command to start the server.

Note: if the previous command¬†fails, try changing the “bedrock server” component to the name of the unzipped folder and run it again. After successfully running the command, you can connect to the server and start playing.

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