Can you trap an Enderman?

Endermen are one of the creepiest mobs that have appeared in Minecraft. They walk around the place, steal the placed blocks and attack you if you make eye contact with them. The thing about them, though, is that they teleport on a whim. If they are attacked, touch water, or sometimes just feel like it, they teleport away. This can make it extremely difficult to trap them for a museum. This is how we found out about trapping an Enderman in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a great way to trap an Enderman in Survival, so catching him by these means may not be worth the effort. Leads and name tags don’t work on Endermen, so you can’t capture them, and getting them to go to a specific area is a lot more effort than you should consider putting in. keep them there, but it’s no fun. That said, if you’re okay with using creative mode to capture them, we have a good method.


We have mentioned some tips for taming an enderman in Minecraft in the guide above. In addition to these cheats, you can use a variety of mods because taming an enderman is an excellent and valuable way to win the game easily. With this guide, you can complete the task in Minecraft correctly and in a fun way.

Enderman farm build tutorial for Minecraft Bedrock

For this build tutorial, we will be following Minecraft Bedrock enderman farm video from YouTuber JC Playz. If you are not already defeated, you must defeat the Ender Dragon before building an enderman farm.

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Outside of the main island, there is nothing but empty space for nearly 900-1000 blocks away. Players can use this empty area to build an enderman farm. To create this farm, you’ll need the following items:

Endermen: The Creatures of Minecraft

In Minecraft, an Enderman can teleport to any location on the planet. Additionally, they have a reputation for being able to locate diamonds and other valuable resources, which can be of use to players. There are several options for players to avoid harming the Endermen. It is possible to catch Endermen with a decoy trap before farming them. Endermen have idle sounds that can be played by players to learn more about the creature.

Arthropod Bane is a potion that can be crafted in Minecraft. Grants the player the effects of Speed ​​II, Night Vision, and Invisibility for 3 minutes. Also grants the player Damage Resistance IV for 1 minute.

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