Can you tame a frog in Minecraft?

No, you can’t tame frogs in Minecraft since update 1.19. The developers may add the option at some point in the future, but that is not the case at the time of writing. The closest you can go is build a pen and keep them in it if you like. However, you cannot keep them as pets and if you don’t build the pen properly, they will calm down. Next, make sure you build the fence/pen walls at least four blocks high, because the frogs can jump up to three blocks high. Additionally, you can get a group of them to follow you by holding a Slimeball, which they love to eat, or attach a leash to one of them and drag it around. It’s not exactly tame, but it’s close enough.

So, yeah, here’s how to tame frogs in Minecraft, as much as possible at the moment. Incidentally, you can find them in many biomes, especially the swamp. They love to eat Slimeballs, among other things. In fact, if you can get two frogs near a body of water (ideally at least 3×3 in size) and then feed them Slimeballs, you’ll see hearts start popping up. After that, one of them will approach the water and lay eggs, which will develop into tadpoles and finally into adult frogs. In other words, while you can’t tame them per se, you absolutely can breed them if you want.

Can you tame frogs?

While you can breed frogs to create more different colors in your Minecraft, you can’t tame them like you would a wolf. However, frogs are a passive mob, which means they won’t directly attack you when you first encounter them. Instead, they will defend themselves using their tongues when provoked as necessary or when they see a slime or magma cube nearby.

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Don’t expect to do anything too special with frogs because you can’t tame them. You can place them in an enclosed area and breed them to create more frogs on your property, especially if you’re trying to get all the colors of Froglights, as each Colored Frog gives you a different colored Froglight.

How to tame frogs

Minecraft has a history of animal taming, with players being able to have their own wolves as pets, build farms of sheep, pigs and more, and have beehives in their villages. But is it possible to tame frogs too?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to tame frogs in Minecraft. It’s possible Mojang will add a feature in the future, but for now, players will have to make do with other pets.

Unfortunately, frogs cannot be tamed in the game yet. Only a select few animals in Minecraft can be properly tamed, such as wolves and horses.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them as pets. You can still tame them by luring or breeding them.

What do Minecraft frogs eat?

That said, players can get a frog to follow them with a little coaxing. Frogs can feed on any small creature or insect that can be found in their habitats. Just like other animals, frogs will follow any player who openly flaunts their favorite food.

Originally, during the beta phase of Wild Update, frogs were attempted and bred using seaweed, but this was confirmed to be a placeholder. When the Wild update was officially released with update 1.19, this breeding food was changed to slime balls.

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