Can you silk Touch ancient debris?

  • Silk Touch – Adding the Silk Touch enchantment to a pickaxe is great, especially when collecting items that break easily upon mining. The Silk Touch enchantment will allow you to extract a specific item in its entirety without breaking it, such as glowstones, sea lanterns, and more.
  • Fortune: The Fortune enchantment is another great pickaxe enchantment, as it greatly increases the amount of ore that is dropped when mining. This is good for farming diamonds, lapis lazulis, iron, and ancient debris.
  • Unbreakable: You can use Unbreakable in conjunction with the Silk Touch enchantment to allow your pickaxe to get more use before breaking. As Silk Touch is a fairly rare enchantment, you might want to keep the tool from breaking as much as possible with the Unbreakable enchantment.
  • Efficiency: As with the axe, the Efficiency enchantment will decrease the draw duration and ultimately increase your draw speed.
  • Mending: Mending is a good enchant option for you if you want to maintain the durability of a higher level pickaxe like diamond or netherite pickaxe. But since mining for minerals grants a lot of experience points, the pickaxe could absorb most of those points to restore your durability, thus preventing you from gaining EXP, so you have to be careful.
  • Silk Touch: A shovel does not necessarily need the Silk Touch enchantment, as it is more useful when equipped on a pickaxe than on a shovel. However, having a shovel enchanted with Silk Touch will allow you to dig blocks like grass blocks as a whole instead of turning it into a dirt block.
  • Efficiency: Equipping the shovel with Efficiency will greatly increase your digging speed and allow you to collect blocks like dirt and sand more quickly.

What are the steps to extract diamonds in Minecraft?

Ready to mine diamonds?

Where to find enchanted diamond pickaxes

In addition to making a diamond pickaxe yourself, you can also find one in chests in certain structures. There is a small chance of finding an enchanted diamond pickaxe in chests in End Cities and Bastion Remnants.

Additionally, you can trade with master level blacksmiths for an enchanted diamond pickaxe. In the Java edition of the game, master level blacksmiths will sell you one for 13 emeralds, while in the Bedrock edition, master level blacksmiths will sell you one for between 18 and 35 emeralds.

Blue Ice

Rarity: Rare Item ID: minecraft:blue_ice Numeric ID: 266 Renewable: Yes

Blue Ice is a rare solid block introduced in the Minecraft 1.13 update. Blue ice is generated at the bottom of icebergs. It can also be found in frozen ocean biomes in the form of huge arched structures. You can also search for this rare block in the houses of the towns of the snowy tundra and in the chests of the ancient cities.

Does Fortune work with Netherite debris?

No, Fortune doesn’t work on netherite rubble because it always drops a blocky item, not like diamonds or redstones.

Fortune enchantment work on many minerals and blocks in Minecraft, including Coal, Iron, Copper, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Lesser Quartz, Lesser Gold, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.

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