Can you repair a fully broken elytra?

In Minecraft, Elytra is an item that you cannot craft with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you have to find and collect this item in the game. Most commonly, Elytra can be found inside the Endship in End City.

New elytra/wings can become too expensive to repair at anvils. This is most likely unintentional since Elytra is meant to be reusable indefinitely. Once Elytra is no longer repairable on an anvil, the player will need to load new pieces to find an End Ship for a new pair of Elytra.


Using elytra

Once you have your elytra, you can equip them in the chest armor slot within your inventory.

To use the Elytra you must first find a spot high enough and press the jump button while already falling. This will open the elytra.

What are elytra for

Elytra are basically a pair of wings that allow you to fly. They work in the Overworld, the End and the Nether and are very important for long distance travel.

What is the use of Elytra?

Elytra are equipped into the chest plate slot by either directly inserting the item into the slot, pressing the prop while holding the item, or firing a dispenser at point-blank range at a target. By default, they are gray in color, however they will take on the design of any cloak worn by the player. Even when shattered or enchanted, they retain their textural design in the world.

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To fly, press the jump key while falling and the elytra spread out like a beetle’s elytra. The player can turn or change pitch by rotating the camera. Speed ​​increases as you lose altitude, and speed decreases as you gain altitude. To improve speed, use fireworks rockets. Riptide’s enchanted trident is another option for flying.

Metro Royale Updates

Available:2023/1/9 2:00–2023/3/13 00:00 (UTC+0)

  • New map: Misty Harbor. It is available in basic mode and advanced mode. The size of the map is 1.8×1.2 km and will provide even more supplies and intense battles to the players. Ziplines, ladders and other mechanics have been added for faster movement, while dynamic bosses and events provide a whole new PvE experience.
  • New legendary equipment with 1-2 special traits. There is a chance to get cool gear when you defeat bosses in matches or open chests.
  • Added Extraction Packs in the Metro Royale Black Market: a Premium Firearms Pack and a Premium Armor Pack that have a chance to drop Legendary gear. They can be purchased with Metro Cash.
  • Added a Gallery feature in Metro Royale where you can view all special traits.
  • Added 4 new salable items (biological sample, processor (GPU), gold stack, lens). They will only spawn on the new map.
  • Increased the resistance of advanced vests (lv. 4, 5, 6) to partially resist explosive damage.
  • Increased base inventory capacity by 30.
  • New weapon: Honey Badger, Honey Badger (Cobra), Honey Badger (Steel Front).
  • Improved game lobby inventory settings: Hide Advanced Vests in Metro Royale.

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