Can you kidnap a villager?

More than 1000 residents of Kwari village reported that they fled their homes and took refuge in an elementary school in Jibiya Town, headquarters of Jibiya Local Government Area in Katsina State, following an attack by bandits.

More than 80 villagers were reportedly kidnapped by bandits who also set fire to local granaries and shops.

How to attract villagers in Minecraft

The first thing you should know about attracting new villagers is that there is no solution that works by itself. Instead, you’ll need to make sure that a total of 5 conditions are met. Once you get everything in order, you’ll have a new generation of villagers in no time! So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

  1. Make sure they have a boat

Move them in a minecart

Minecarts are definitely the fastest way to move them, but there it takes a lot of settings for it to work properly. If your base is far away, you will need to build a very long runway from the village to your base. It’s a bit boring at first, but it’s definitely the best way to transport your villagers around.

You may have to dig through mountains or build on large bodies of water to get them where they need to go, but once you’ve built everything, you can even use the trail yourself to go back and forth. It’s definitely worth building the track yourself because it’s a fast way of travel and very cheap to make.

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A- Abduction of inhabitants of other villages

This process requires the least amount of resources and luck, however, it is often terribly tedious and time consuming. Also, considering how far away the nearest village is, you may have to fend off monsters as you bring the villager to your base. you could even switch to the Nether to reduce the space between your starting location and your destination.

You can kidnap other villagers using boats. you’ll force them to do this by either pushing them or driving the boat into the villager. they can’t escape unless the boat is broken, so you’ll travel great distances this way.

How to spawn villagers using cheats?

First, similar to enabling flying in Minecraft, you’ll need to turn on the “Allow Cheating” feature in the game.

To do this, first click on the “Open for LAN” option in the Settings.

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