Can you get addicted to Minecraft?

“He got so hooked on the (online) game that he skipped meals, started living as a recluse and even stopped attending school, and that’s when the case was brought to my attention” – observed a prominent child psychologist with a first school in Mumbai on a case of Minecraft addiction that was reported to her. I was researching cases of online gaming addiction (Minecraft), if any, and this particular case blew my mind!

Before delving into my interactions with her and what emerged from the discussion, let’s analyze online games a bit.

Benefits of Minecraft

Before we delve into why you might think your child is an addition to Minecraft, there are a few things to remember about the game. He shared 8 benefits of Minecraft that are definitely worth reading. In the meantime, here are some Minecraft benefits:

  1. Minecraft helps develop concentration – your child needs to be able to concentrate for an extended period of time in this game to be able to build something big and complicated that he will have to do in the game.
  2. Minecraft helps kids solve problems
  3. Minecraft encourages creativity
  4. Minecraft requires children to focus to achieve a goal

How can I cure a Minecraft addiction?

You might be concerned about how much time you spend playing Minecraft. If you’ve noticed that you’ve been doing some of the things listed above, it could be a sign that you’re spending too much time playing video games. But there are ways to overcome your addiction to this game and others. The sooner you start adjusting your routine, the better you’ll feel.

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Gambling addiction can be harmful to our physical and mental health. It may be helpful to talk to your doctor who can refer you to a therapist. A therapist can help you understand why you’re always gambling and help you find ways to manage your addiction.

A new study ranks video games in terms of addiction 

A new study has found that Minecraft is the most addictive game on the market. This study looked at a handful of games and ranked them all in terms of their addiction. The study followed more than 1,500 gamers and their habits. The study used player behavior to determine an overall addiction score. While there is no exact science to determining how addictive a video game is, it does give us a rough idea.


Finally, the last reason why people love to play Minecraft is precisely because it offers an engaging story, captivating gameplay and a plethora of features that contribute to the experience. Once players are successful in one stage, they strive to move on to the next as fast as possible. It can go on for eternity unless players are strong-willed enough to stop it.

While all the factors mentioned above can be a bit scary, the situation is not as bad as you might think. First of all, it is essential to remember that it all depends on you and the decisions you make. There are easy ways to avoid addiction or deal with its aftermath. Follow some simple tips to play Minecraft safely:

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