Can you craft crying obsidian?

To get Crying Obsidian, you will need to go to the Nether. That’s because Crying Obsidian can only be obtained one way in Minecraft, and that involves going to this creepy late game area and doing some trading.

Specifically, you want to trade with a Piglin. This is one of the new mobs added in the latest Minecraft updates.

How to get crying obsidian?

Find a Piglin in the Nether and through the trade you can find Crying Obsidian in Minecraft. Put on a golden armor before facing a Piglin, even a golden helmet can do the job. Piglin is a hostile mob and won’t trade with you unless you’re wearing gold. Give a gold bar to the Piglin and you will get an item in return. There is a greater than 8% chance of getting Crying Obsidian in exchange for Gold Ingot.

To help you more here is a list of items you can get from a Piglin. The percentage is the approximate probability of getting that item. Starting with the highest, Soul Sand, Crying Obsidian, Obsidian, Nether Brick, Leather, Grave and Fire Charges are the most common. These will always be available and the rarest are the enchanted book and iron boots with soul speed.

You use to cry Obsidian

  • Weeping Obsidian is one of the hardest blocks in the game and has high blast resistance. They are also robust against attacks from the Ender Dragon.
  • It is mainly used to create a respawn anchor.
  • It also emits light and can therefore be used as a light source.
  • However, unlike regular obsidian, Weeping Obsidian in Minecraft cannot be used to create Nether Portals.
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How can you make a diamond pickaxe to mine weeping obsidian?

The diamond pickaxe has the advantage of durability over other pickaxes (except Netherite). It can last longer than all the pickaxes in Minecraft and therefore is very useful for mining large numbers of blocks. However, under normal circumstances, you don’t need to mine a large amount of Weeping Obsidian but without a Diamond Pickaxe or Netherite Pickaxe, you can’t mine it at all. (You can read about Netherite below)

Here is the step-by-step guide to crafting a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft.

Ways to get weeping obsidian

  1. Exchange gold bars with the Piglins
  2. Find weeping obsidian in the chest (remains of the rampart)
  3. Find Weeping Obsidian in Ruined Nether Portal

Trading Piglins might seem like the most reliable way to get Weeping Obsidian and will depend on some RNG when it comes to how much, if possible, you can get in an exchange. You have a chance to get one to three pieces of Crying Obsidian. However, there is only a 10% chance that you will get Crying Obsidian.

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