Can you break the warden spawn?

Finally, what to do if you put Warden into tracking mode. Warden chases at about the same speed as the player’s sprint, so it’s very difficult to run and escape. Therefore, he tries to climb a hill or runs away to a narrow place where Warden cannot pass. The recommended way to escape is by stacking blocks to create a hill.

At around 20 blocks high, Warden of Minecraft loses sight of you. Well, if the height is not enough, you can connect the block side by side. But be careful because you will wait below depending on the terrain

How to get a Shrieker

As I said above, a Sculk Shrieker is found exclusively in the Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft. You can get it there or generate one yourself with the assistance of Sculk Catalyst. Even if you only have a 1% chance of generating one through the catalyst. Once you find one, you can break it with any tool but you’ll need a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment to pick it up. Once you have the Sculk Shrieker in hand, you can place it anywhere.

It was about obtaining and using the Sculk Shrieker in Minecraft. I hope this guide helped you. You can also check out our guides like How to make the Recovery Compass and when to use it in Minecraft.

Guardian in Minecraft: how to spawn

Guardian in Minecraft (image via.

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The Guardian is a blind and hostile crowd that will be found in the Deep Dark biome or in the Ancient underground Cities. they are the first blind mob in the game and will locate players using vibrations in their surroundings, making them a skilled hunter. It is a large mob, but can be spawned by players themselves if they wish.

What you should take with you when looting the ancient city

Before storming the ancient city with your best equipment, think again! You shouldn’t risk losing all of your Netherite weapons and armor to the Keeper’s hands. Instead, you should bring the following with you:

  • Telescope. Unless you have OptiFine installed, a spyglass will allow you to look deep into the Ancient City for chests.
  • Potions for night vision. These will help you when getting the darkness effect from a Shrieker or the Warden.
  • A Silk Touch hoe. Unlike other blocks, all Sculk blocks are mined faster with a hoe. So, carrying one with the Silk Touch enchantment will allow you to get any Sculk block you want.
  • Food. You’ll be looting an ancient city for quite some time due to the structure’s massive length, so bringing plenty of food is a given!

Using Chunk Base

Chunk Base is a Minecraft app that can help you search for specific structures or biomes spawned in your world.

Copying your world seed to the website allows you to see a full map of your world and the location of any structure, from a village, to a mine, to an ancient city.

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