Can you 1 hit an enderman?

For this build tutorial, we’ll be following the enderman farm video from Minecraft Bedrock YouTuber JC Playz. If you haven’t defeated it yet, you must defeat the Ender Dragon before building an enderman farm.

Outside the main end island, there is nothing but empty space for almost 900-1000 blocks away. Players can use this empty area to build an enderman farm. To create this farm, you will need the following items:

Enderman in Minecraft

Enderman generally breeds at night, although he can spawn during the day if the light is low. They can also spawn in caves. Since they start out as neutral mobs, they won’t attack you and you’ll need to get their attention. They can teleport and they hate water, so if you’re hunting Endermen, make sure you’re not near water.

You can use any weapon to kill the Enderman, but if you want to do it fast, use a Diamond grade weapon. To avoid being attacked but still kill them, create a shelf that is two blocks high and stand under it. The Endermen are three blocks tall, so they won’t be able to attack you when you’re under the shelf, but you can attack them from below.

How to easily defeat an Enderman

There are a couple of easy ways to defeat an Enderman. The easiest way to defeat them is to climb to the top of a 3 block tall tower. You can use any block and all you need to do is stand on top of it. When the Enderman gets close, you can hit him. He cannot hit you back as you will be safe at the top of the tower.

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The second easy way is to build some kind of shelter with a hole. You can then get the Enderman’s attention and lure him away. Once you’re inside, just use the hole to hit the creature and it will eventually be easily defeated. Use these methods if you don’t feel comfortable defeating them in the normal way.

How to kill an Enderman safely

Endermen are 3 blocks tall, one more than the players. You can take advantage of this difference by building (or carving into the side of a hill) a shelter that is 2 blocks high.

When your shelter is ready, you just need to turn an Enderman hostile by looking directly at it. Then, as the Enderman approaches you, take cover in your shelter. The Enderman will not be able to attack you or follow you into the shelter, so he will stand still in front of you.

In conclusion

The Enderman is one of the mobs that are present in Minecraft. They can take away your blocks, your items and even kill you in the game. The easiest way to kill an Enderman is to hit him with a diamond sword or diamond ax and the hardest way to kill him is to build a hideout and trap him in a boat.

We hope this article helped you survive an Enderman attack and you enjoyed playing Minecraft.

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