Can warden smell you?

The popular sandbox game first released on November 18, 2011, Minecraft makes the game more enjoyable for its ever-growing community by adding new updates and features. Introduced at a live event in October 2021 and shown off in a recent February 2022 preview, Warden will be a mob released in one of these new updates.

While it will be released in update 1.19 Wild, players who enjoy a little more of a challenge have plenty of reasons to be excited about this update. For one, Warden guards treasure chests and rare loot that make users more powerful. This is one of the reasons why some in the Minecraft community are drawn to Warden’s incredible strength because he offers a challenge to overcome and also ensures that not all players have mastered loot.


Where to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft

In general, you’ll have to dig pretty deep to find the Deep Darkness to find Ancient Cities. Both the biome and the ancient city are quite rare, so if you’re not willing to dig underground, you can use the 3018068664000894136 seed and travel to 494, -47, -581. If you’re a purist and would like to do it without a specific seed, just go for -30 to -55 and note that Deep Dark tends to spawn in biomes with a low erosion value, like a mountain peak or plateau.

The Guardian is a blind mob, and if you play well you can use that to your advantage. While looting an ancient city, you’ll come across a block called the Sculk Shrieker. After activating these four times, The Warden will materialize, crawling from the ground around you.

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Don’t make any noise

By now, most players should know to keep quiet when dealing with the guardian in Minecraft 1.19 . Since he is completely blind, the only thing the warden is extremely good at is hearing sound. Because even though the guardian is blind, he can navigate towards the player once he hears the slightest movement.

The guardian’s rage level also increases each time he listens to the player. So because of this, players need to be in a crouched or sneaky position most of the time to avoid creating any noise that might attract the ward. Any action such as eating food, mining stones, wearing items and taking them off, running and much more can alert the guardian to your location, so be careful.

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Guardians can only be summoned by Sculk Shiekers (outside of creative mode). When a player activates a total of four Sculk Shriekers, a Guardian will always spawn near the fourth. It doesn’t matter where the Sculk Shriekers are or how far apart they are from each other.

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