Can the warden Teleport?

To summon a Warden, you will need a Sculk Shrieker, a Redstone block that you can find in the Deep Dark biome. Stepping on the block or triggering a nearby Sculk sensor or Redstone signal will create a “warning” level to alert the Guardian. Once you reach three levels of warnings, a Guardian will automatically spawn from the ground if there is no other Guardian nearby.

Once spawned, a Guardian will wander randomly and be alerted by a nearby vibration. The more vibrations someone or something produces (mobs, minecarts, projectiles), the angrier he becomes, and the souls in his chest begin to speed up. When a Guardian gets angry enough (or is attacked), it roars and chases the target. The Guardian burrows back into the ground and disappears after feeling no vibration and being “quiet” for 60 seconds.


Where to find the Guardian in Minecraft

Screenshot via Mojang | Kacee Fay Remix

The Guardian can only be found within the Deep Dark biome located anywhere below level zero. Guardians not only roam the biome, but are summoned by noisy activity within the region.

Survival Method

Before diving into the caves of the Deep Dark biome, be sure to equip Netherite Gear. That’s because you can run into the Warden, which is a hostile mob that can spawn there. As you dig and go deeper into the caves, keep an eye on the Y levels and biome name. Press the F3 key to mark them both. You will find this structure at a Y level of -52.

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You can use the locate command to reach the Old City in one instance. Press the T key to open a chat box and type the command “/locate minecraft structure: old_city”. Once you hit this command, type “/tp @a” to teleport over the location.

Where to find the warden?

In The Wild (Minecraft 1.19), players can find The Warden in the deep underground/cave areas in the Deep Dark biome. Since the area will be dark, he may find you out of nowhere and you need to be very alert. When he is near, the surrounding light sources will flicker, indicating his presence.

The Warden Mob is a blind mob (the first of its kind) and will use sculk-like sensors to “feel” the player’s vibrations. Therefore, he will need new techniques and strategies to fight this enemy who is quite powerful. Mostly though, you’re not supposed to fight him, he’s just there to scare you. That’s because he’s so OP that he can kill you even if you’re wearing netherite armor. Anything less, and you will die in an attack. But, if he decides to attack him, he’ll know you’re there and he’ll block you and won’t leave even if you try to make other sounds. He also gets faster at this point. And lastly, the more you attack, the more powerful he becomes.

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