Can the warden sniff you?

Now that you know where to find the Keeper in Minecraft, do you dare to fight him? If so, I’d love to read the outcome of your epic battle on the Minecraft forum.

Avoiding the Warden’s Ranged Attack

To avoid the Warden’s new sonic attack, you must first understand how this new ranged attack works. According to Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w15a, building high, hiding behind walls, or being out of range of the Guardian’s powerful melee attack will cause crowds to switch to their long-range sonic attack that can penetrate walls. The attack can be recognized once the Warden opens the ribcage to emit a sonic beam that deals an amount of damage equal to that of melee. Even with full Netherite armor, the Warden’s attack can take out the player in two hits.

Also, when the Warden sniffs, he can now sniff you from a greater distance. Guardians enrage at a target while sniffing at a vertical distance of 20 blocks, which was previously six blocks, and a ground distance of 15 blocks. A couple of bugs related to Warden have been fixed, resulting in him no longer disappearing when he’s away and forgets a target he just roared at. Also, you can no longer push the Warden when he is surfacing or digging.

Try using carpets or wool blocks

Players who want to escape the a guardian quickly without being detected or making a sound can use wool blocks and carpets to create paths away from the guardian. Blocks and wool carpets can be walked on or walked over without producing sound vibrations. Also, wool blocks do not emit sound vibrations or pass any vibrations through them, making them the perfect blocks for this method.

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You can create a wall made of wool blocks between you and the guardian or put them on the ground and quickly run over them to escape as fast as possible without making any noise. However, if you want to be optimal with this method, the safest way is to create a proper path made of carpets or wool blocks even before the guardian spawns to allow safe passage at any time without risking life.

What are the causes of vibrations that can be detected

All types of vibrations you cause will increase a Warden’s rage gauge by 35, with the partial exception of ranged attacks. A single bullet fired from less than 30 blocks away will increase the Rage Gauge by 10. However, if two bullets are fired within a five second arc, the Rage Gauge will increase by 35 instead. more than 30 blocks away, its vibrations will not register.

Being silent will help you avoid detection if you are far away. However, if you are within six blocks horizontally or vertically within 20 blocks of a Warden, it will perform a sniffing animation. When he does, and he smells you, his rage meter will increase by 35.

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