Can the warden break blocks?

In Minecraft 1.19, there are two ways players can get the dark status effect: either through a Sculk Shrieker block or through the ward. If the ward is nearby, the effect of the dark status will not diminish and will continue to be inflicted on the player. Therefore, the best course of action is to get as far away from the warden as possible. The ward will apply the dark effect for 34 seconds if the player is within its 30 block radius. Therefore, you should immediately crouch and move away once the ward spawns near you to remove the dark status effect.

Another option to counter the effect of the dark status, and possibly the best way to counter it, is to drink a night vision potion as soon as the status ailment show up. effect. The Night Vision Potion is the direct opposite of what the Dark Effect will do to players and will help them see in the dark. And since both effects counter each other, you’ll be able to see a small area around you and help you navigate easily.


Attacks and abilities for Minecraft Warden

If you want to kill a guardian in Minecraft, understanding it is the first step to defeating it. Let’s first review the Warden’s basic abilities and then examine his attacks.

  • Warden is blind, so he must rely on scent and vibrations to find you.
  • You can be detected by the block.
  • Even if you escape somehow, the Guardian can smell you from 20 blocks away.
  • Can scale individual blocks like other mobs, but can’t break them.
  • The Guardian can be annoyed by even the slightest vibrations due to his low tolerance. It doesn’t matter if you are a boss or a gang of babies. Once he is upset, he will attack.
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  • Dark Effect-

Sculk blocks have sculk sensors that can detect vibrations. They send signals to the Guardian, alerting him to your presence. Each sculk sensor can detect vibrations up to a 9 block radius. However, you can avoid activating them stealthily! You can also place a block of wool between you and the sensor to prevent it from activating.

Guardian’s Ranged Attack

  • Building high, hiding behind walls, or being out of range of their powerful melee attack will cause Guardians to switch to their ranged attack
    • Their rib cages will open to launch a ranged attack with a sonic charge that can penetrate walls
  • Their ribcages will split open to scream a ranged attack with a sonic charge that can penetrate walls

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