Can potions hurt the warden?

Beating the Warden is no joke! He is among the toughest enemies in Minecraft. So, you should be prepared for a terrifying fight! Here are some tips and tricks to make your battle easier.

First, you need the Netherite Armor to fight the Warden. Although he can only take two hits, other forms of armor are worse! Anything below it will cause you to die from a single hit!

Using Crystals of the End

This is a very unusual way, but it works. In Minecraft, creativity is the key to success. If they’re up for the challenge, players can use the Ultimate Crystals to try and defeat the Guardian in one of the dumbest ways possible. The final crystals can cause powerful explosions. Players will need to use approximately nine Ultimate Crystals. To protect themselves from the guardian, players must wear blast resistance armor. If not, they will die before the guardian is even injured. Well, I would suggest something else. When you are alone and meet the Keeper, run for your life! That thing is very dangerous and surely explains the absence of all the other common mobs. No one dares to mess with the Keeper.

If you are foolish enough to challenge him, be my guest.

Try to waste the Warden’s abilities.

When he’s ready to hit you with a sonic scream, you can either stay on top of the tower and quickly heal yourself, or you can jump down and heal yourself. You can also jump into your base’s opening, heal yourself, and then create a new opening to exit.

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It makes no difference how powerful an opponent is as long as the player has the necessary skills. Though many believe the Guardian to be unstoppable, players can use potions and PvP skills to defeat the terror of the dark caves in a 1v1 match.

Ranged Attack

Difficulty Damage Easy 3 hearts Normal 5 hearts Hard 7.5 hearts

Warden’s melee damage is the same in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. On the other hand, the ranged attack hits harder in the Bedrock Edition than in the Java Edition, and the Warden’s ranged attack deals ten hearts regardless of difficulty.

Recommended Equipment

With how strong a Warden’s single strike is and how much health they have, the recommended equipment will be the best you can find. The strongest armor and enchanted weapons that hit the hardest.

Netherite armor and enchantment swords will be an absolute must. The higher the Enchantment level, the better.

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