Can pillagers be turned into villagers?

  • Note on world generation: In order to provide the most interesting generated villages possible, some world seeds may have villages generated in different areas than they were before this update
  • A new batch of seeds is now available in the seed collector when creating a new world
  • Added even more new textures to blocks and objects, including stained glass
  • Increased the amount of scaffolding that can be placed outside its initial support
  • Changes to how cats lay eggs in villages:
    • Cats now respawn based on number of beds in village
    • The number of cats = 1/4 of the number of beds
    • Total cat limits to 10 cats per village
  • Lecterns now emit a redstone signal when turning pages
  • Blacked out parts of game menus to provide higher contrast for accessibility
  • Cats now respawn based on the number of beds in the village
  • The number of cats = 1/4 the number of beds
  • Total limits of cats to 10 cats per village

Looking for looters

Since looters often disappear and are impossible to find, there is actually a method of finding them implemented in the game. It all starts with the bell.

Every village in Minecraft has a bell, usually found in the center of a village. If you can’t find Pillager, walk up to the doorbell and ring it. You will hear the loud ringing sound, but also extra sound.

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Minecraft Vilager Breeding FAQ

Villagers aren’t the only species that can be farmed in Minecraft. You can also raise pets, tame animals, such as horses, donkeys, cows and even bees! Each animal species has different husbandry requirements. So, to raise horses, you have to feed them a golden apple or a golden carrot. Cows, goats and sheep are willing to reproduce after eating grain. The pigs will eat carrots, potatoes and beets, like the villagers, even if you only need one instead of 12.

Minecraft villagers disappeared? However, this shouldn’t happen on a regular basis. To minimize the risk of this happening, here are some tips and tricks to help you.

1. Make sure you have enough walls

The lore behind the villager in Minecraft

A typical zombie villager in Minecraft

Villagers seem to exist in Minecraft long before a player sets foot in the game for the first time. They are an older civilization who learned and invented more professions. These “humans” used their knowledge to create iron golems to protect their future generations.

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