Can looting go on an AXE?

All Swords have a 0.625 second cooldown, meaning you have to wait 0.625 seconds after each strike before you can strike again. It is significantly faster than the Ax cooldowns, which are as follows depending on the Ax material:

  • Wood: 1.25 seconds
  • Stone: 1.25 seconds
  • Iron: 1.11 seconds
  • Gold: 1 second
  • Diamond: 1 second
  • Netherite: 1 second

Obtaining the enchantment

To apply the fortune enchantment, you must first have a basic understanding of the enchantment system in Minecraft and a maximum level enchantment area to get the best ones possible spells. Other than that, you’ll need Lapis Lazuli to enchant a book or the instrument itself. We will mainly be looking for Fortune III because it will be the most useful for you as a player.

For best results, have 30 experience levels (that green bar that fills up when you kill mobs and mine ore) and at least 3 lapis lazuli (although you’ll need more just in case).

What does luck do on an ax in Minecraft?

Although luck can be applied to axes, many players wonder what the real edge is in it. “What does luck actually do on an ax in Minecraft?”. To answer that question, there is definitely a use of luck in Minecraft!

Using this spell on the ax will no longer grant you more wood, but you will gain some extra benefits. An ax is a common item that players usually carry along when exploring. Using luck on an ax will help you gather more items, such as seeds and saplings.

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What does Fortune on an Ax do in Minecraft?

If you’re thinking of getting a lot of benefits by using Fortune on an ax, let me burst that bubble for you. Luck on aces is not considered very useful. However, using it on an ax will help the drop rates of some items like melons and apples increase significantly. The probability of receiving more items also depends on the level of Luck. The higher the level of Luck on the axe, the higher the chance.

Remember, luck does NOT maximize the yield of items every time. It’s a gamble. For example, the maximum melon drop is nine slices with Fortune III. However, the chance of getting all nine melon slices is ONLY 2%.

Ax Fighting

Many players use axes in Minecraft as their main weapon to fight enemies and other mobs. However, it’s also important to note that the Luck spell does NOT increase the drop rate of items dropped by mobs when killed.

Apart from this, experience points lost from each enemy or animal killed are NOT increased with the Luck spell as well.

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