Can lava hurt the warden?

It’s safe to say that you should be well equipped when you go to fight the Warden. The best armor and weapons, with lots of stuff to help you regenerate your health.

Trying to keep your distance from the Keeper during a fight should be a priority. Even if you can tank one shot, you’re not sure if you can tank two.

Final Thoughts

The guardian is a difficult mob to kill, but it is possible. Players will need to come prepared with food and armor and should try to use a bow and arrow if possible. The guardian drops his sword and shield when killed, so be sure to pick up these items if you’re lucky enough to defeat him. Good luck!

Spawning the Guardian in Minecraft

Unlike many other hostile mobs you will encounter in Minecraft, the Guardian is not that easy to find as it does not automatically or naturally spawn in its home biome, in this case the Deep Dark biome.

However, to activate the spawning of the Guardian, you will need to find a specific block called the sculk shrieker. This is a small block you’ll find on the ground, with a blue part at the bottom and four cream-colored prongs pointing up.

Using Potions and Spells to kill the Keeper

As long as the player has the necessary skills, it doesn’t matter how powerful the enemy is. Although many people believe that the guardian is unbeatable, players can use potions and PvP skills to defeat the horror of deep and dark caves in a 1 on 1 battle. PvP participants have already mastered the use of weapons. After repeatedly damaging the guardian, players can escape from it using the potions’ speed and strength boosts. Also, players must have the best spells available. Smite is a highly recommended spell because the guardian is a mob of undead. Fighting the guardian is still a challenge never seen before in Minecraft, despite the effects of potions and better equipment.

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The guardian is susceptible to fire damage due to terrible experimentation on my Minecraft guardian encounters. As a result, players can destroy the guardian using lava. However, don’t expect the guardian to die instantly from the lava, like most common hostile mobs. The Keeper has 250 hearts. They have 25x more health than players. It takes the guardian a fair amount of time to die from the lava.

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