Can I join a Minecraft SMP?

There is limited access to the vast majority of the best Minecraft SMP servers, including DreamSMP, which can be found on YouTube. The rationale for this is very self-explanatory and includes avoiding being hacked as well as raids and pain.

Everyone who plays Minecraft has the opportunity to register and join any of the many popular open Minecraft SMP servers currently available. You are free to join them the same way you would join any other similar Minecraft server.

Faction Servers

In faction servers, players can create factions or join a faction and work together to gather resources, raid other factions, upgrade their base, and so on. Many players enjoy competing with other players on faction servers.

To join an SMP server, you will need its IP address. Players interested in joining an SMP server can check the website to find an SMP server. Players can also find awesome SMP servers on the MinecraftBuddies subreddit.


This Minecraft SMP is part of the biggest game server, hosting massive weekly events and providing daily updates. This server allows us to play Bedrock, Vanilla, Lifesteal, Cracked, etc. on AppleMC.

Close the Minecraft launcher and go to the “Play” tab. Select the “Multiplayer” option in the main menu. To open the “Server address” bar, choose the “add server” option to enclose the


Factions are the closest server type you will have to live the SMP experience which you will show on YouTube. In Factions SMP servers, you will be able to join a faction and reclaim land, plunder or even fight against other factions.

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Factions SMP servers usually push forward the PvP aspect of Minecraft as you’ll need to resolve differences between the factions somehow if it’s not diplomacy.

How to join the Minecraft 1.18 public SMP.

If you are new to the game and looking for the best SMPs to join that have lots of players, new events and other cool stuff, this is the article for you as we will delve into some of the best public servers which you will find fun to play which include both bedrock and java editions of minecraft. You can enjoy playing in your favorite servers on any platform, be it PC or mobile. Public Servers 1.18 has all the features that make it an engaging experience for both veteran and new players. With that said, let’s dive into some of the popular servers you can join.

You can join more realms like Melon, Earth and Apple SMP which are very new and gained popularity, combined with 1.18 features. You can make alliances with people and join a SMP opens up a variety of unique quests, auction houses to buy and sell items and you will have many ways to level up your skills and fun stuff that seems endless and will surely hook you at the instant.

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