Can I get Bedrock if I have Java?

How to play Minecraft Bedrock on a PC with an Xbox controller

You can also use the Steam method we showed you for setting up your PS4 controller, but that’s entirely up to you. You can even use the Steam program to set up more controllers than one. So, for example, if you have a PS4 controller and an Xbox controller, Steam lets you use both when playing Minecraft Bedrock.

Since Microsoft owns both Minecraft and Xbox, there’s another way to do it. If you want to play Microsoft Bedrock on a PC with your Xbox controller, you’ll want to download the game from the Xbox app, which you’ll get at the Microsoft Store. Every Windows computer should have a Microsoft Store, so you won’t need to download it.

How to Update Minecraft on Bedrock PC

Now, about 99% of the time the game should just update itself in the background with nothing else needed from your end. That 1% of the time, however, because the Microsoft Store isn’t always the most trusted store, will result in the update failing. Sometimes a full PC restart can handle this, but there’s surprisingly an easier way. To force an update on Bedrock, open the Microsoft Store by typing its name into the Windows search bar. Once open, what you need to do will depend on your version of Windows. On Windows 10, you’ll need to click the three dots in the top left and click Downloads and Updates (or something like that). On Windows 11, you need to click on Library at the bottom left.

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Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition on Mac

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that offers players the opportunity to challenge their creativity and achieve different objectives using simple building cubicles. The game is huge in terms of size, details, game modes and user-created content, and over the last decade, it has expanded to different platforms and game versions.

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