Can gold get diamonds Minecraft?

To mine diamond ore, a player will need an iron or diamond pickaxe. To get the diamond ore block, it must be mined with an iron or better pickaxe with the Silk Touch spell on it. Often, a player will encounter underground dungeons as they dig, and can loot chests within to find diamonds and other minerals.

Find diamonds from the ocean

Couldn’t find diamonds by searching the caves? We will now move on to the next plan of mining one of the most valuable materials in Minecraft.

To find diamonds from the ocean, you need to have many potions for breathing under water and night vision. Oceans are the best places to find diamonds as they have many ravines which can have a number of caverns within them which are ideal for finding and recovering diamonds located at the bottom. This is a great location to find diamonds as many ores are already unearthed and ready to be forged.

How to find diamonds easily in Minecraft

If you’re lucky enough to find a deep, resource-rich ravine, you may be able to skip branch mining. Some ravines run deep beneath the surface, and simply exploring them while avoiding or killing mobs can help you locate diamond ore blocks.

However, keep in mind that if you want to collect a lot of diamonds quickly, it’s best to search for veins.

How to mine gold in Minecraft

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Gold is a rare mineral ore that can be in two variants in the Overworld, Gold Ore and Deepslate Gold Ore. in groups 4 underground between the Y levels of 32 and -64. For more information on ore distribution of gold and other similar ores, you can check out our guide on ore distribution in Minecraft 1.18.


It’s always a good idea to place a chest or two in the center of the mining area so you don’t have to return to the surface as often. Use one chest for items like food, torches, ore or valuable resources, and pickaxes, and use the other chest for common blocks like stone and sand. Make sure these crates are stored in a safe place, away from vine blasts.

Players will need to consider the surrounding blocks, as you will have to traverse a ton of landmass before finding diamond ore. Don’t miss the opportunity to collect some great resources along the way and be sure to prepare yourself for potential threats.

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