Can FF ban?

Individuals can still join the game because the Indian Free Fire server is still operational which is crucial. It implies that only people who have Free Fire installed on their smartphones will be able to play the game. Some people choose to download and install the APK directly from their computer rather than through the Google Play Store interface. Also, there is Free Fire MAX, which is now accessible on Google Play Store. As a result, there are now no problems with the server. However, we don’t know how long the servers will remain operational.

Once the server is shut down, users in the Indian area will no longer be able to connect to the game. And this will be the last step in the country’s ban on gambling. People say this is just a restriction for India, but it would affect two countries – India and Nepal. I am saying both as players from both countries were on Indian server as I write this.

Is Free Fire Max banned in India?

No, currently Free Fire Max is not banned in India. Many fake news providers and even YouTube channels are providing information that Free Fire MAX has been banned in India. But don’t worry, there are no official communications from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. So, you can play Free Fire MAX without any tension.

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About Free Fire

It is an online action-adventure battle royale game available exclusively online. In a battle royale match, up to 50 players land on an island in search of weapons and equipment. Players can choose their starting location and choose guns and supplies to help them survive longer in combat.

Players enter a plane that travels to an island when they join a game. There are medical supplies, medium and extended weapons, grenades and other things scattered across the island. As the plane flies over the island, players can jump anywhere they like, allowing them to choose a landing spot away from their opponents. Players must then search for weapons and valuables after landing.

Free Fire MAX Ban in India possible or not

Government of India has taken tough measures against Chinese applications since early 2020. In February 2022, Government of India banned Free Fire from all platforms citing security concerns, while the maximum version of the game remained open. In recent days, rumors about Free Fire MAX have intensified after the removal of BGMI from all platforms. There are also some sections of fans calling for a ban on Free Fire MAX, showing the involvement of Tencent (Chinese company). So, this is one of the reasons why it is confusing.

However, reports suggest that the MAX version of the game is fully owned by the Singapore-based company as there are no direct links between Tencent and Garena. So, Garena Free Fire MAX has much less chance of getting banned, as of now. Meanwhile, Garena cannot host regional tournaments in India due to its ban (February 2022), which has raised several concerns. Free Fire MAX users are currently enjoying the game’s 5th anniversary with the collaboration of Justin Bieber. So, starting now, fans can continue to explore the game and enjoy what is in store for them.

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PUBG Mobile filed a complaint against Free Fire

Each game has a unique patent. Krafton argues that the Garena Company stole elements of the game’s structure and gameplay, combining and selecting weapons, armor, and other items, as well as the overall choice of various materials and textures, locales, and color schemes.

It is currently unknown what he will do after he leaves the Apple Store and Google Play Store. However, the Google Play Store has not yet removed some of Garena’s apps, such as Garena Free Fire Max.

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