Can crying obsidian be moved by a piston?

Crying Obsidian can be used to create portals that can be used to travel longer distances than can be done using regular Nether portals. When you form a Nether Portal using 8 Weeping Obsidians, for every block in the Nether you will be able to travel 8 blocks into the overworld. However, if you wish to travel further afield, you can build a Nether Portal using 16 Obsidian Plants. In this way, you can travel 16 blocks in the underworld for all the underworld.

This is a great solution for the player who wants to travel to biomes away from home base without interrupting the game. While weeping obsidian isn’t very common, having the ability to travel far would be an interesting addition to the game.


Unbreakable blocks for the Wither

The following blocks cannot be broken by the Wither, no matter what:

Barriers are command-oriented blocks that are used to create a impenetrable border. You can use them to create a safe zone for yourself and your fellow players. The block itself is invisible and lets light through.

Sticky Piston Recipe

The ingredients we need here are a regular piston and a ball of slime. Slime balls can be found underground or in swamps during the night, and swamps will be filled with slime during full moons.

A sticky piston can push up to twelve blocks in a row when engaged and only pull one back when disengaged, unless the player uses a slime block.

The basics

  • It’s a block. We’re sure you already knew this (it’s mentioned above), but Crying Obsidian is a fantasy block. It’s as tough as regular obsidian, and as an added bonus, it has a brightness level of 10! This means it will light up your room but won’t melt the ice and snow. Pictured above is Barish displaying a weeping obsidian so you can see how far the light reaches.
  • It’s one of the strongest blocks in the game. Weeping Obsidian looks different from regular Obsidian, but behaves the same way. It has a blast resistance of 1,200, cannot be destroyed by the Ender Dragon, and is non-flammable. It also needs to be mined with Diamond or Netherrite Pickaxe.
  • It has its limits. It cannot be pushed or pulled by any type of piston and cannot be used to create a Nether Portal. The weird thing about this is that it can spawn as part of the ruined Portal structure.
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Method 3

You need: Depending on the subsoil, tools to dig the trench Several buckets of lava Several buckets of water Diamond pickaxe to cut obsidian

  • First you dig a trench. You can decide for yourself how long it is.
  • Now fill this trench with lava. Here it is very important that lava is everywhere. As soon as a flowing lava block remains here, this lava block does not become obsidian, but pebbles.
  • Now, at one end of the trench, place some dirt blocks or other blocks you have around the lava. Here you have to leave a block free on which you then put water. It is important that the water is placed one level higher than the lava. This is the only way water flows over the lava in the desired direction.
  • Now put a bucket of water on the only block you have vacated at the end of the trench.
  • Now the water runs straight over the lava.
  • The lava has now become obsidian, which you can mine with the diamond pickaxe.
  • If your trench has gotten too long and there isn’t enough water, simply repeat the procedure at the other end of the trench and put a bucket of water there as well.

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