Can a diamond get a chip?

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How to prevent a diamond from chipping at the Jewelers

Following these simple steps will help prevent heartache during annual or semi-annual jewelry checkups:

  • Always keep an up-to-date appraisal and make sure your jewelry is insured. A detailed appraisal and fair insurance policy will be invaluable should the worst happen.
  • Sit down with the jeweler and check your ring An honest jeweler will warn you of any loose diamonds of weaknesses before any work is done. It is good to familiarize yourself with these so that you can check if there are any problems.
  • When you pick up your ring, sit down with the jeweler and check it again using a jeweler’s loupe. If the diamond has become damaged, the sooner you know, the better. I’ve heard horror stories of customers walking out of the store without checking their jewelry and realizing weeks later that it’s damaged. Under these circumstances, it is incredibly difficult to prove that the jewelry is to blame.
  • Consider photographing your diamond and tracing any unique inclusions or details onto a piece of paper. Keep one copy for yourself and leave another with a jeweler.
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Six actions you can take with your chipped diamonds

This inherited chipped diamond has a new home in a full frame.

1. Cut out your diamond. Usually, small diamonds, those under 0.20 ct (1/5 of a carat) or so, aren’t worth recutting. Larger diamonds, especially old diamonds with sentimental value, can often be re-cut without losing too much of the original stone. Ask your jeweler.

What is Recutting and how can it help me?

Cropping is simply the process by which a jeweler creates a smaller stone from a larger one.

As the name suggests, the diamond is cut again, eliminating a part, and the stone decreases in carat.

Don’t buy diamonds with a very thin belt 

The first tip on how to avoid chipping your diamond is not to buy a diamond with a very thin belt. Diamonds with a thin girdle may chip when set or worn due to the diamond structure being compromised.

A diamond with a thick girdle is proportionately shaped for both strength and aesthetically pleasing designs. Before buying your diamond, ask the jeweler to explain the thickness of the girdle.

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