Can 3 villagers spawn a golem?

The materials needed for farming the Iron Golem in Minecraft are 68 solid blocks which means stone, granite, andesite, etc, half a stack of glass blocks, 5 beds, 2 villagers, 3 hoppers, 1 chest, 48 walls, 4 signs, 1 bucket of water and 1 bucket of lava.

First, find a suitable place to build a farm and build an 8 block high tower there. Then create a 5*5 platform on that pillar.

Why doesn’t Minecraft Iron Golem spawn?

As with many other mobs, there are a few conditions that must be met before iron golems will autospawn. This is especially true if you are trying to get them to spawn on a farm.

Building the Chamber of Golems

Now you need to build the lower section where the golems and lava will go. Coming out the side with the gate you just placed, use wall blocks to box up the side, running around the entire side of the structure. You should be left with a box three blocks wide and four blocks high. This is where you will place the lava and other chamber components,

Place the chests first, then place the hoppers on top of them, making sure each hopper is connected to a chest. You can place a single crate and connect all seven hoppers around it, or you can place hoppers directly on top with crates below them. Now you need to use those marks to create a layer on top of the hoppers. Placing the marks in the rows below where you place the lava will form a layer through which the lava cannot pass, but the golems and drips can. You should have placed six marks if you are following it exactly. If you’re using a larger plan, you’ll need more. Now use a single lava bucket to place a lava block on the marks.

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Where to find pumpkins

Pumpkins can spawn on grass blocks in almost all biomes. However, the area must be clear of obstacles, including blocks of grass and flowers. In each piece, there is just over a 3% chance that pumpkins will spawn. Additionally, pumpkins can also spawn in Woodland Mansions and Pillager Outposts. Also, in Taiga and Snowy Taiga villages, pumpkins will appear instead of hay bales.

To create a carved pumpkin, you will need to use shears on a pumpkin that has been placed. This will cause a ghostly smiley to appear on your pumpkin and give you pumpkin seeds.

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