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Best Village Seeds 1.16

Best Minecraft seeds next to a village 1.16

Surely more than once you will have tried to appear next to a village in the initial spawn in order to build farms and make exchanges with the villagers.

In this village seed list for Minecraft 1.16 you will always appear next to a village. Each of the villages shown here is full of incredible resources that can be used in many different ways.

All villages will have chests, beds, ovens, crafting tables and many other blocks for you and of course they also have villagers, offering different valuable trades.

seeds village minecraft

Village forest plain

Seed: -104500552382714
Coordinates: 300, -300

You will appear right next to a forest village with many islands around it. In the area you will find more towns that you must visit.

Two Villages

Seed: -161651032221945
Coordinates: -100, 50

You will leave in two giant villages, one is located at coordinates 250,700 which occupies an island of plains, and for the other you must go to coordinates -250, -2200. Both are very large villages and have a dozen buildings but no blacksmiths.

Taiga Village

Seed: -5135358858327312095
Coordinates: 200, 250

You will leave next to taiga villages and if you go to the coordinates -350.50 you will find a town with different biomes.

Nether Village

Seed: -1654510255

You will emerge next to the Nether. You will find the respawn between two villages from which you can quickly get materials and nearby there is a pool to get obsidian.

Village by the sea

Seed: 3227028068011494221

You will start your adventure in a fantastic village by the sea and you will have instant access to the trees to start building.

Village in the woods

Seed: 1777181425785

You will emerge next to the Mountains. With this seed you will start in a mountain village surrounded by trees and imposing mountain ranges. Without a doubt, wood is not going to be missing.

Village in the savannah

Seed: 12542

You emerge in the plains, but here the trees are not abundant, but you will have many resources in the area

Desert Village

Seed: 79942115385233205

You will emerge right next to a taiga village, but the interesting thing you will find when traveling to coordinates 1300, 550. Here you will find a desert temple transformed into a village.

The loot inside the temple includes iron ingots, two books enchanted with Infinity and Looting III, emeralds, and a golden horse armor. This is definitely a temple worth visiting.

Three Villages

Seed: -2616073310770286304

When appearing in this Minecraft seed, players will immediately be placed between a looter outpost and a large village, both of which contain valuable loot.
However, this not all. There are actually three different peoples within this seed. The towns can be found at these coordinates:

1. -150, 400
2. 50, 850
3. 600, 550


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