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Best Minecraft Enchantments

All the enchantments of Minecraft

Enchantments are a fundamental part of Minecraft, incredibly enhancing the experience of its three most important pillars, combat, mining and construction. In this article I will teach you everything you need to know about enchantments and curses within the world of Minecraft.

In Minecraft one of the most versatile characteristics of any fantasy world could not be missing: magic and thanks to it, you can perform enchantments that will bring new qualities to objects. For this you will need an enchantment table or anvil will also work.

Take a look at the collection of the most important enchantments in Minecraft and their effects on objects.

enchantments minecraft

Durability Enchantments (Unbreakable and Repair)

The most important enchantments in Minecraft are unbreakable and repair. These are the most important spells in Minecraft because they improve the durability of your equipment or repair it.
They can be attached to any tool, weapon or armor. The repair enchantment cannot be obtained from an enchantment table, which is not the case with other enchantments. It does share with the other enchantments the other ways of obtaining it either through chests that are mining and through bookseller villagers.

Operation of the Unbreakable enchantment and Repair

Let’s talk about how these charms work. The purpose of the unbreakable enchantment is to increase the duration or durability of its wearer and consists of three levels, granting level 1 a 50% probability that the tool or weapon is not used for each use we give it. Level 2 grants 66.66% and Level 3 grants 75% durability.

In the case of armor it is different, with level 1 granting a 20% chance of not being spent for each damage received, 27.33% with level 2 and 30% with level 3.

As for the repair enchantment, its purpose is to repair the wear and tear of its wearer, using for this the experience orbs and these are done by collecting the orbs with the weapon or armor tool in either of the hands or in the case of a armor also having it on, however it is advisable to repair one object at a time so that it is repaired as quickly as possible.

These enchantments work for: Pick, Shovel, Ax, Hoe, Fishing Rod, Shears, Lighter, Elytra, Shield, Helmet, Breastplate, Leg Legs, Boots, Sword, Bow, Crossbow, Trident, and Turtle Shell.

Tool Enchantments( Efficiency, Fortune and Silk touch)

enchantment minecraft tools

Efficiency or effectiveness enchantment

Let’s talk about tool enchantments and start with efficiency. This enchantment has a maximum level of 5 and what it does is improve or increase the speed of destruction of blocks giving at level 1 a 30% speed, level 2 a 69%, level 3 a 120%, level 4 186% and level 5 271%. In addition, as an important fact, having a diamond pick with efficiency 5 and the mining haste effect 2, you can quickly destroy the stone. Works with tools: Pick, Shovel, Ax, Shear, and Hoe.

Fortune enchantment

Another of the valuable enchantments for tools is the fortune enchantment that has a maximum level of three and what it does in a nutshell is increase the probability of quadrupling the resources that we obtain when chopping a block. It should be said that it does not work with all blocks and technically speaking the fortune enchantment in a peak allows us a probability of obtaining a 33% probability rune of doubling the coal, the diamond, the emerald, the lapis lazuli and the quartz. At level 2 we get 25% that they can be doubled or tripled. At level 3 we get a 20% probability that they are tripled or quadrupled duplicates.

For other blocks this changes and simply add one or two items or three items depending on the level, for example in the case of the mineral red stones, carrots, potatoes, beet seeds, wheat, watermelon and nether wart, when chopping them using fortune 3 One to three extra items will be added to the one obtained and using it with a recording block we will always obtain a flint.

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Silk touch enchantment

Silk touch enchantment, it is a very important tool for the tools that is responsible for giving us the block as it is when chopping them, such as glass, leaves, coal minerals, red stone, lapis lazuli, diamond, emerald , quartz, etc. It does not serve to obtain spawners. Fortune and silk touch are not compatible, you can only enchant your tool or fortune or silk touch.


Fishing rod enchantments

fishing enchanment

There are two enchantments for the fishing rod and both with a maximum level of three, one of them is marine luck and it will ensure that we fish more treasures and less garbage, 2.5% less garbage and 1% more treasures for each level, while the attraction enchantment will reduce the waiting time between each fishing, 5 seconds for each level.

Enchantments for Swords and Axes

Now let’s talk about the enchantments that we can use on weapons like swords and axes. The ax is not only a tool, it is also a weapon.There are three enchantments and all of them with a maximum level of 5 and being able to place only one on each weapon, in short they are not compatible with each other. Unlike the sword that we can place it through a table of enchantments with the ax we can only place it through an anvil.

The enchantment of hitting or punishment, this removes a heart and a quarter for each level to the undead mobs, that is, to the following mobs, the normal zombies, villagers or desert to the drowned, to the pigman to the glacial skeletons, to the normal , to the phantoms and the withers.

As for the arthropod doom enchantment, this one removes a heart and a quarter for each level from the following mobs: normal spiders, cave spiders, and silverfish.

Finally, the edged enchantment removes an additional heart and a quarter for each level from the remaining hostile mobs including also the pigman and endermite, and of course the animals.

Sword  enchantment

Sword  enchantment

Now let’s see the other enchantments that can be put only on a sword.

We start with fiery aspect, whose maximum level is 2 and what this enchantment does is burn the target for 4 seconds per level.

Now let’s move on to the push enchantment whose maximum level is 2 and what it does is push the target three more blocks for each level.

We also have the loot enchantment, with a maximum level of 3 and what it does is give you one more extra item for each level when killing a mob and increasing the chances of obtaining rare items by 0.5% more per level . As a curious fact, the effect also serves for those mobs that die wanting to attack us, but for this you have to have the sword in hand, which is very helpful in gold farms.

Finally we have the sweeping enchantment or sweeping edge with a maximum level of 3 and what it does is increase the damage of the sword sweep, specifically by 50%, plus half a heart at level one, 66.66% more half a heart at level 2 and 75% more half a heart at level 3.

Bow enchantments

bow enchantment

Now let’s talk about the enchantments for the bow which are four: power, infinity, recoil and incendiary arrow.

We will start with the enchantment called power. The maximum level is 5, and what this enchantment does is increase the damage of the bow, 25% more for each level.

The recoil enchantment, with a maximum level of 2 and what it does is push the target four more blocks for each level.

We also have the Incendiary Arrow enchantment and as its name indicates it makes the bow shoot burning arrows and thus be able to set the enemy or target on fire and it only has one level.

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Finally we have the infinity enchantment that has only one level. What it does is that the bow shoots infinite arrows, but for this we will need to have at least one arrow in the inventory.

Crossbow Enchantments

bow  enchantment

Now it is the turn of the crossbow that has three: piercing, rapid charge and multi-shot enchantments.

Drilling has a maximum level of four. What it does is that we pierce with the shots at our target, the same happening with the targets that are behind it. In the case of having drilling 4, we can drill four targets behind the main one, making a total of five targets.

The second enchantment is fast charge, with a maximum level of three and what it does is reduce the charge time of the arrows, being 20% ​​at level one, 33% at level 2 and 45% at level 3.

Finally we have the multi-shot enchantment that gives the crossbow the possibility of making three shots, doing a lot of damage to the target that receives the three arrows.

Enchantment for the Trident


trident minecraft

To finish with the weapons let’s talk about the enchantments for the trident that are a total of four.

We will start with the impalement enchantment with a maximum level of 5, removing an additional heart and a quarter for each level. The trident already causes great damage to aquatic creatures and with impalement 5 we are able to kill a guardian with two attacks.

Loyalty enchantment, whose maximum level is 3, its purpose is to make the trident return once cast and each level reduces more, the time it takes to return or what is the same the higher the level, the faster it will return .

The enchantment of aquatic propulsion whose maximum level is 3, will propel us when we are diving, increasing each level, the distance driven. The great thing about this enchantment is that it also works when being in the rain and it should be noted that loyalty and water propulsion are not compatible.

Lastly, we have the conductivity enchantment, a very good enchantment, since when attacking a target that is on the ground and in the middle of a storm, a powerful lightning bolt and lightning will fall on it. The enemy will catch fire. Can also be used with an armor holder.

Armor enchantments

armor enchament

Now the time has come to talk about armor enchantments specifically those that can be used on any armor and I mean the four types of protection, all with a maximum level of 5 and also the thorn enchantment.

The protection enchantment works for melee attacks. Protection, it also protects us against projectiles, for arrow shots, protection against explosions that obviously serves for explosions. Finally protection against fire, which will help us when we are burning, but it is not effective against dragon’s breath.

As for the enchantment of thorns, this has a maximum level of 3 and what it does is return part of the damage received by us to the attacking mob, removing from half a heart to two hearts with a probability of 15% more with each level. The negative of this enchantment is that for each damage that the armor returns, it loses three points of durability, in other words it is spent faster.

Now let’s move on to the unique enchantments of each armor

Enchantments for the Helmet

helmet enchantment

In the case of the helmet we have two respiration and aquatic affinity.

Breathing has a maximum level of three, and what it does is give us a greater lung capacity in other words we can spend more time underwater, the time being 15 seconds more for each level and it also reduces the damage received by drowning per second.

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Finally we have aquatic affinity with a single level, and what it does is improve the dive speed when submerged, matching the speed we have when diving on the surface.

Enchantment for Boots

boots enchantments

Now it is the turn of the boots, with their three unique enchantments.

Starting with feather drop, this enchantment, which has a maximum level of 4, reduces damage per drop, avoiding losing one more heart with each level.

We also have the aquatic agility enchantment with a maximum level of 3 and what it does is make us faster when moving through the water or in other words, it reduces the slowdown we have when advancing through it. It also reduces the thrust of its currents on us by being a third more for each level.

In the last place we have the enchantment of icy passage that consists of two levels and what it does is convert the water that is near us and that is at ground level.It converts the water that we step on into ice, varying the size of the path at each level, that is, we will be able to walk through the water as the water through which we walk freezes. This is very useful when collecting water lilies.

Curses in Minecraft

We have reached the end of this guide! To finish this guide of enchantments for minecraft we have other types of enchantments, also called curses.

These curses come from chests or booksellers villagers, but not from the ednchantment table and there are two: curse of disappearance, which has a single level and can, like the unbreakable and repair enchantments, be used on any weapon or armor tool and what happens is that the object that bears this curse and is in a player’s inventory when he dies the item will also be destroyed.
Finally, we have the curse of binding, which is only for armor and whoever wears that armor with the curse, will not be able to take it off until his death, which is very creepy.


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