Are Minecraft realms safe?

Mojang plans to provide a simple server setup called Minecraft Realms. The new server system is aimed at parents who want to allow their children to play Minecraft, but want them to do so in a safer environment with moderation concerns.



Minecraft Realms are smaller servers but many people have their own Realm set up. A single kingdom may only cater to a handful of people, but the service itself is huge. It’s not unheard of for a service of this size and nature to go down. That said, if everyone is able to connect to a realm but you can’t, Realms is unlikely to be down. Check your connection, antivirus definitions and firewall settings. They may have been updated or reset and may be blocking the connection.

Minecraft parental controls via Xbox Live and in-game security

Xbox Live sign-in is now required to play Minecraft multiplayer games online. Additionally, creating an Xbox Live account and gamertag allows parents to configure privacy and multiplayer preferences.

  • To set up Parental Controls, sign in to your Xbox Live account at If you don’t have an Xbox Live account yet, you can easily create one for free using a Microsoft account.
  • Within your Xbox Live account, click Privacy & Online Safety. There you’ll find gamer pictures for everyone in your Microsoft family.
  • Now, find Multiplayer Game Join Settings: Once this feature is turned off, your child will not be able to join any online multiplayer games in Minecraft or even shared worlds, kingdoms, or local servers.
  • Accounts for children under 13: Here you must provide permission to create an Xbox Live account and create a child account here: Child accounts have multiplayer communication blocked by default.
  • Others can communicate with voice, text, or invite settings: when these settings are locked, your child can still join and play multiplayer Minecraft games, but won’t be able to see chat messages from others players or their invitations to play games.
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What are Minecraft Realms?

If you’re into Minecraft, then you must have a clue about realms. And if you don’t let me clear up the mystery, these realms are private servers. On which you and up to ten friends can join multiplayer sessions safely and seamlessly from the rest of the internet.

The best thing about these Minecraft realms is that a member can access the server whenever he wants. And in these worlds, it doesn’t matter if the creator is online or not. So, you can always access these realms and finish building or start crafting things or working towards a common goal at any time.

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