Are axolotls blind?

Axolotls are carnivorous creatures and in the wild they hunt tadpoles and worms. An axolotl’s diet isn’t well defined, but there is evidence that you can feed them a variety of worms, minnows, fish fillets, and small crustaceans.

They are as happy with life as they are with dead food, as long as it is cut into small pieces. It may be possible to get your axolotl to accept freeze-dried shrimp or other meat substitutes if you want to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet for them.

How do Axolotls find their food?

It’s interesting to see how axolotls find their food. They don’t rely on their eyesight as much as other animals do to find their food. However, axolotls have learned to distinguish different types of food based on their color, so they have a limited ability to see their food.

Instead, they use other senses to locate food around them. That is to say, they will only find their food when it moves through the water, so they will locate the food through movement.

How bad is their vision?

It’s virtually impossible to know exactly how awful your pet axolotl’s vision might be, as the answer tends to vary between each axolotl.

After all, some axolotls can see much better than others, and various axolotls have also been known to see much further than other axolotls.

They can see the color red and in the dark

In case you don’t know, albino Axolotls can see the color red and in the dark. They can also see other colors and can distinguish one color from another as well. As they say, Axolotls can see best in the dark. And who prefer to have little light and brightness rather than strong lights.

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One of the reasons they won’t like bright light is that it scares them. Axolotl movements are always facilitated by a smell and vibrations. Yes, there might be times you caught them staring at you, but that doesn’t mean they can see you. But it’s because of your smell and your movement.


The albino is a particular variant of axolotl that has no body color. But you know, what is the reason behind it? Well, they lack melanin, which is responsible for making the skin color.

Now, since albinos lack the pigment essential for skin coloring, they appear light in colour. In fact, due to their excessively pale skin, their blood vessels tend to show through.

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