All about Shulkers in Minecraft

Everything you need to know about Shulkers – Minecraft

There are tons of dangerous monsters to encounter in the three dimensions of Minecraft. In the End, you’ll find shulkers: these box-shaped enemies can be pretty annoying to deal with; without proper protection, their attacks can be deadly. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about shulkers. You’ll find tips on how to defeat them, as well as information on what to do with their fallen item: the shulker shell. First, let’s look at where you can find shulkers.

Where to find shulkers?

Where to find shulkers? minecraft

Shulkers can be found in the later cities. They are giant structures made of stone bricks and purpur, which you can see in the image above.

As the name suggests, End Cities are located in End. To find one, you must first defeat the dragon Ender. You will then see a 1×1 portal appear on the island where the dragon spawns. By throwing an Ender bead into this portal, you will be teleported to a random island, where you can begin your quest.

Shulkers can be found attached to any surface in End City. Usually, several shulkers are found in large corridors that extend upwards.

They look like the purple blocks that surround them, making them easy to integrate. If a shulker is nearby, you will hear its sound and see its shell open to expose a small core in the center.

They can be difficult to deal with, so let’s look at how to fight a shulker below.

Tips for fighting shulkers

Tips for fighting shulkers minecraft

When you approach a shulker, its shell will open and fire shulker bullets. These projectiles can do four hearts of damage and will levitate you for ten seconds. If you are still nearby, the shulker will continue firing.

When he levitates you, you float him up. In closed corridors, he will essentially stay on the ceiling for a few seconds. If the shulker managed to hit you while you were outside the city of Ends, you will float upwards with no barrier to stop him.

This is very dangerous! After ten seconds, you will fall again, which can lead to your death.

Shulkers are most vulnerable when their shells are open, so try to plan your attacks when you can see their core. As mentioned above, shulkers open when they fire their projectiles, but periodically they also open their shells to look around.

Tip: Always make sure there are blocks above you when attacking a shulker. If there aren’t any, place them yourself.

When attacking a shulker, always try to use a bow or crossbow. With a long-range weapon, you don’t have to get close to the shulker and risk being hit by the bullet. Ideally, you want to kill a shulker with as few hits as possible. To do this, make sure your weapons have spells that allow them to deal as much damage as possible.

Shulker Drops

Shulker Drops minecraft

When they die, shulkers have a 50% chance of dropping a shulker projectile. If you use a sword enchanted with Plunder to kill the shulker, the chance of this happening increases by 6.25%. This means that if you have a sword enchanted with Plunder III, you have a 68.75% chance of getting a shulker shell.

What is a shulker shell?

What is a shulker shell? minecraft?

Now that you have a shulker shell, what do you do with it? Shulker shells are a surprisingly useful item and are used to make shulker boxes.

Shulker boxes are essentially moving boxes. For example, you can load a forklift box with materials and then use a pickaxe to lift it. All the materials inside will remain intact, allowing you to move the box. Moving a shulker box does not require an enchanted silk touch tool.

To make a shulker box, you will need the following materials:

-Two shulker bullets
-One chest

Shulker shells can be dyed with all the dyes available in the game. To do this, simply combine the dye and the shulker box of your choice.

minecraft shulker colors shell

In the photo above, you can see a variety of shulker boxes in different colors. The dye boxes are useful if you are working on a large build. Instead of looking in chests, you can have color-coded boxes for each material you need.

Carry a shulker

In general, shulkers stay put. However, if you place a ship or mine cart near a shulker, it will move toward the ship. When a shulker is on a ship or mine cart, you can move it away from the end.

To successfully teleport the shulker to the outside world, you will have to push it into the portal with a plunger. The portal back to the outside world is located in the middle of the island where you summoned the dragon Ender. Here you will find a horizontal portal embedded in the bedrock.

Getting a shulker through a portal is a complex task, so watch this video on how to transport shulkers and make a shulker projectile farm.

Can shulkers be farmed?

Starting with update 1.17, it is now possible to “breed” shulkers. Unlike other monsters, you won’t have to feed shulkers and wait for them to spawn. Instead, you will essentially allow a new shulker to spawn. This process can be a bit tricky, so let’s look at how to do it.

First, you need to place the shulkers close together. You can do this by bringing shulkers to your base, but you can also find shulkers in an end city that are close together.

When a shulker hits another shulker with a ball, there is a chance that a new shulker will appear. For this to work, the shell of the hit shulker must be open.

When hit, the shulker teleports to a new location within eight blocks. There is a 75% chance of this happening, but the chances decrease if there are other shulkers nearby. With five other shulkers around, no new shulker will appear. There are dozens of videos that can guide you in creating a shulker shell farm, so feel free to research and find the best model for you.

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